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Magnetic Lifter

Magnetic Lifter

Category: permanent magnetic lifter / lifting magnets

Advantages: scientific magnetic circuit disign, powerful magnets used, strong magnetic holding force available, electic-power not needed

About permanent magnetic lifter/Lifting Magnets/Hoisting Magnets

Permanent magnetic lifter also is known as the permanent magnetic suction hanging device, magnetic crane, magnet lifter, magnetic lifting jack, lifting magnets and hoisting magnets etc.

Permanent magnetic lifters divided into manual type permanent magnetic lifters and full-automatic type permanent magnetic lifter. Permanent magnetic lifter also called as lifting magnets and hoisting magnets. By using the high-performance NdFeB magnets, the dimension of the magnetic lifter is smaller, the dead weight of magnetic lifter is lighter, the magnetic strength of the hoisting magnet is stronger. The special magnetic circuit design ensures the lifting magnet with very low residual magnetism which almost zero. The safety coefficient of the permanent magnetic lifter is very high, the maximum pull-out force is 2.8-4 times of rated lifting force.

For manual type lifting magnets, there is a safety button on the bat-handle switch which makes it easy and safe. And there is V-type groove design on the bottom surface of lifting magnets. Full-automatic permanent magnetic lifter does not need manpower to pull the handle. The adsorption controlled by rising and falling of the electric hoist lifting hook. Full-automatic lifting magnets can safely lift up round steel, steel plate easily without electricity, so permanent magnetic lifter and lifting magnets are widely used to lift and carry steel, smooth mechanical parts and kinds of mould. Permanent magnetic lifter(lifting magnets) used as lifting tools or hoisting tools which suit for shipbuilding, engineering machinery, automobile industry.  Permanent magnetic lifter mainly used to connect the lifted workpiece during the lifting process( such as work together with steel-wire electric hoist and electric chain hoist), and used to move magnetic conductive material.The power lifting magnets are widely used at docks, warehouse, factory and transportation fields.Permanent magnetic lifter improved the working condition of transportation and handling and improved the work efficiency.

The features & advantages of permanent magnetic lifter
1. Permanent magnetic adopt scientific magnetic circuit design, the magnetic field distribution is reasonable. The depth of through magnetic is large. It has strong holding force and almost zero residual magnetism, which makes it safe and reliable.
2. Permanent magnetic lifter save electric-power。
3. The permanent magnetic lifter is easy to be operated, and it is safe and reliable.
4. All technique dates of permanent magnetic lifter are meet the standard of JB/T8711-1998.
5. Permanent magnetic lifter uses high performance permanent magnetic material, not demagnetized.
6. Permanent magnetic lifter does not need electric power and other power support.
7. The maximum pull-out force is 2.8-4 times of rated lifting force, the security coefficient is high.

The range of application:
Permanent magnetic lifer suit to carry steel plate, big iron and cylinder iron. The permanent magnetic lifter is a kind of lifting equipment which not need electric power. The construction of permanent magnetic lifter is advanced, it is assembled according to export standard, the quality and performance reached the international advanced level of similar products. Permanent magnetic lifter widely used in the field of mechanical industry, mould making, steel carry in warehouse and transportation department.
Permanent magnetic lifters(lifting magnets) are super magnetic systems which made from high property neodymium magnets. The magnetic force of strong magnetic system can be changed by rotating the handle of the lifting magnets, then realize holding the workpiece and releasing the workpiece. There is a hand ring on the top of the magnetic lifer which used for lifting the workpiece. And there is a V-shape groove used to hold round shape magnetic things. The high-performance permanent magnetic material used on permanent magnetic lifter is rare earth permanent magnets - neodymium magnets are the magnetic source. Which ensures the magnetic liter the strongest magnetic force.

Working principle of permanent magnetic lifter/lifting magnet
Permanent magnetic lifter made by using of electromagnetic induction. High performance permanent magnetic material(neodymium power magnets) are used inside of the magnetic lifter, the neodymium magnets can produce very strong magnetic force in the magnetic circuit. Change the magnetic line by turn over the handle, through which make the permanent magnetic lifter on working position or off state. Electricity not needed for the magnetic lifters, and it is safety and energy saving lifting tools that have high efficiency.
When a permanent magnetic lifter in on working state, the bottom surface of the magnetic lifter form a pair of longitudinal magnetic poles, then the steel parts are firmly absorbed, there is the V-shape groove on the bottom surface. So it can not only lift plate shape workpiece, but also can lift round shape workpiece. For permanent magnetic lifter, it has the strict requirement on thickness and area of the lifted plate.

Parameters of Permanent Magnetic Lifter(Lifting Magnets)

Model Rated Lifting Strength Max. Pull-Off Strength L B H R Dead Weight Operation Temperature
ML100 100 Kg 300 Kg 92 64 70 142 3 Kg ≦80℃
ML200 200kg 600kg 114 72 86 142 5Kg ≦80℃
ML300 300 Kg 900 Kg 165 88 96 176 10 Kg ≦80℃
ML500 500kg 1500kg 210 92 96 208 12.5Kg ≦80℃
ML600 600 Kg 1800 Kg 216 118 120 219 20 Kg ≦80℃
ML1000 1000 Kg 3000 Kg 264 148 140 266 37 Kg ≦80℃
ML1500 1500kg 4500kg 308 172 168 285 62Kg ≦80℃
ML2000 2000Kg 6000 Kg 397 172 168 380 80 Kg ≦80℃
ML3000 3000Kg 9000 Kg 443 226 217 512 160 Kg ≦80℃
ML4000 4000kg 12000kg 516 290 265 627 290Kg ≦80℃
ML5000 5000kg 15000kg 582 290 265 627 320Kg ≦80℃
MK6000 6000kg 18000kg 713 290 265 707 398Kg ≦80℃

Method of application

1. Before using the powerful lifting magnets, clean the surface of the lifted workpiece, wipe off all burrs and rust scales if there is on the surface. The center line of lifting magnets should coincide with the center line of the workpiece, then put the lifting magnets on the working plane, rotate the handle from the direction of ”-” to the direction of ”+” until to the stop pin. Inspect the handle security inclined block, make sure it locks automatically, then start lifting.
2. When the workpiece lifted up, overload is forbidden, not allow any people walk under the workpiece, the temperature of lifted workpiece not allowed to be over 80℃, any vibration and impact are forbidden to the workpiece.
3. When lift round shape workpiece, keep the groove straight contact the workpiece, so the lifting force is only 30%-50% of rated lifting force.
4. When the lifting working finished, push the handle button toward inside, rotated the handle from “+” toward “-” until the stop pin. Let the lifting magnets lie off state, make the workpiece break away from the lifting magnet.

Safety instruction
1. Avoid crashing the contact surface of the permanent magnetic lifter when it used, in case affect the property and working life. Protect the bottom surface of the lifting magnets by coating oil when it not used, and clean it before using it.
2. Reading the instructions carefully before using the permanent magnetic lifters, use it after knowing the usability. For not understood aspects, please contact and ask your supplier in case of the accident.
3. Inspect the flexibility of every part of the permanent magnetic lifter often, assure flexible for each part on the permanent magnetic lifter.

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