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Magnetic Name Badges

Magnetic Name Badges

Product Category: magnetic name badges/ magnetic name tags

Product Material: steel plate, plastic plate,neodymium disc magnets, double-side foam adhesive

Available Size:   (length)45 X (width)13mm , (length)33 X (width)13 mm

Available Color: blue, green, black etc

Magnetic name badges is a very normal application of super magnets in daily life.

Magnetic name badges (also called as magnetic name tags) are a good partner for white-collar workers. It is used to hold and present employees’ name, company logo, business mark, and work number. So magnetic name badge sometimes called magnetic name holder.

Our magnetic name badges made from new type environmental plastic, and inject according to customer designs, assembled with super strong rare earth magnet, the magnets not demagnetized forever, the magnets used on magnetic name badges are strong magnets that made from rare-earth magnets, the magnetic strength can go through very thick cloth and avoid any damage. the products are used on top grade clothes, no damage on clothes and skin can be changed anywhere and anytime easily.

Magnetic name badges(magnetic name tags) mainly divided into two parts. One is the main body part of magnetic name badge, the other is wearing part of magnetic name badges.  The common magnetic name badges on the market only need change the wearing method, all can be changed into magnetic one. So the magnetic name badges just mean wearing method.

The cost for single magnetic name badge seems higher than a normal one, but it can be neglected compared with the clothes because it can prevent the clothes from holes and damage.The prices of magnetic name badges decided by these factors: texture of the material, craft, style, and quantity.

We can make and supply steel magnetic badges and plastic magnetic badges in various sizes. Steel magnetic name holder is of very nice quality, the super magnet attaches easily through thick clothes while preventing holes and damage on clothes.

When & why magnetic name badges/magnetic name tags used?
1. Magnetic name badges use magnetic principle, avoid holes and damage caused by normal badges on cloth 1, and also avoid the hurt skin. It is firm and safe.
2. Magnetic name badges are the best choice if you think of wearing a badge safely.
3. To avoid the wearing method hurting yourself, a magnetic name tag will be the first choice.

Magnetic Name Badge -A
Magnetic Name Badge -B
Magnetic Name Badge -A  45 x 13mm Magnetic Name Badge -B  33 x 13mm
Magnetic Name Badge -C
Magnetic Name Badge -D
Magnetic Name Badge -C  45 x 13mm
Magnetic Name Badge -D  45 x 13mm
Magnetic Name Badge -E
Magnetic Name Badge -F
Magnetic Name Badge -E  45 x 13mm
Magnetic Name Badge -F  D20mm

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