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Neodymium Cube Magnets

Neodymium Cube Magnets

Cube magnets(cubic magnets) are special block magnets, which have the same sizes for length, width, and height. They are also called as magnet cube/cubic blocks. The neodymium cube magnets are the strongest cube magnets, they are made from bigger neodymium magnet blocks by cutting. Neodymium cube magnets are also called as cube neodymium magnets, they are special rectangular neodymium magnets. That's why we make it as a single category.

Neodymium Cube Magnets for Sale

Neodymium Cube Magnets for Sale
  • 3x3x3mm tiny neodymium cube magnets
    3x3x3mm tiny neodymium cube magnets
    The neodymium cube magnets are special block magnets,which have the same size for length,width and height. The tiny neodymium cube magnets on the picture just measured 3x3x3mm. The smallest tiny neody...
  • 5x5x5mm neo cube magnets
    5x5x5mm neo cube magnets
    The cube magnets are made from neo magnetic material. The size of the neo cube magnets on the picture is 5x5x5mm.This neo cube magnets are mass used as bracelet magnets and neo cube magnetic toys.
  • 6x6x6mm neodymium cube magnets
    6x6x6mm neodymium cube magnets
    The 6x6x6mm neodymium cube magnets mass used as magnetic beads for magnet bracelet.
  • neodymium-iron-boron cube magnets
    neodymium-iron-boron cube magnets
    7x7x7mm neodymium cube magnets with epoxy plating
  • cube neodymium magnets
    cube neodymium magnets
    8 x 8 x 8 mm cube neodymium magnets,cube magnets have the same sizes for length,width and height.
  • 10x10x10mm NdFeB cube magnets
    10x10x10mm NdFeB cube magnets
    NdFeB cube magnets are special neo magnet blocks, they have the same size for length,width and height.The NdFeB cube magnets on the picture is measured as 10x10x10mm,it is widely sold by magnet distri...
  • 12x12x12mm cubic neodymium magnets
    12x12x12mm cubic neodymium magnets
    Cubic magnets are special magnet blocks,they have only one size for length,width and height. The cubic neodymium magnets from this picture is 12x12x12mm,they have very strong magnetic force.
  • 20x20x20mm neodymium magnet cube
    20x20x20mm neodymium magnet cube
    The cube magnet on the picture is made from neodymium magnetic material. Cube magnets are special block magnets, the size of the neodymium magnet cube is 20x20x20mm, it has very powerful magnetic forc...

Types of  cubic magnets

Neodymium cubic magnets are divided into sintered neodymium cube magnets and bonded neodymium cube magnets.The smallest sintered neodymium cube/cubic magnets we produced is 1x1x1mm.

Applications of Cube magnets

Neodymium(NdFeB) cube magnets are small in size and superior in performance. They are used in modern electronic and electroacoustic,making its application products lightweight. With strong magnetic force, it can be used in magnetic separation equipment to improve separation efficiency. In addition to the use of ordinary industry block magnets, neodymium cube magnets are also widely used in magnetic magic cube toys. For example, the 5mm cube magnet of neodymium has suitable magnetic force and is often used as puzzle toys to build various shapes.
Neodymium Cube Magnets

Custom Service for Cube magnets

The most often produced NdFeB cube/cubic magnets are as follows: cube NdFeB magnet 5x5x5mm,  rare earth cube magnets 10x10x10mm, cubic neodymium magnets 12x12x12mm, neodymium cubic magnets 8x8x8mm, powerful cubic magnets 15x15x15mm,strong cube magnets 20x20x20mm. Besides of the listed size of cube/cubic neodymium magnets, we're glad to customize cube/cubic neodymium magnets for you. Welcome your inquiry and order for neodymium cube /cubic magnets with cheap price & good quality.
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