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Push Pin Magnets

Push Pin Magnets

Product Category:  strong office magnets/push pin magnets

Product Material: steel house+neodymium disc magnets

Available Size:   D16X20mm, D20X25mm

Available Color: NiCuNi, Cr

Product Description

Push pin magnets are also called magnetic push pins, sometimes shorted as pin magnets. It is composed of powerful magnets and plastic house or steel house. It looks like the neodymium skittle magnets. On this page, the push pin magnets are made from neodymium disc magnets and steel house. The steel house makes the magnets more magnetic force. Compared with normal pin magnets, it is a kind of powerful pin magnets. These push pin magnets used to hold up weightier things on the bulletin board, magnetic wall, whiteboard and other metal surfaces. Today, more and more people use push pin magnets to decorate their magnetic walls, it avoids to make holes onto the walls by using traditional nails. It looks like chess, jut because of the unique shape, the push pin magnets are easy to take away from any metal surface. As a professional push pin magnets producer, we have wide selection range of push pin magnets.
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