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The Application of AlNiCo Magnets on Teaching Magnets/Educational Magnets

Aluminum nickel cobalt permanent magnet(following shorted as AlNiCo magnets) is an alloy consisting of aluminum, nickel, cobalt, iron and other trace metal elements,It divided into sintered AlNiCo magnets and cast AlNiCo magnets. The magnetic properties of the cast aluminium-nickel-cobalt magnets are high and can be processed into different sizes and shapes. The process of sintered aluminium nickel cobalt magnets is simple and can be directly pressed to the required size. The corrosion ability of AlNiCo magnet is stronger, so surface plating treatment is not needed for it.

Cast AlNiCo magnets are used to make teaching magnets.Teaching magnets(also called educational magnets) are used as teaching tools for the teaching experiment demonstration (physics science experiment curriculum, primary school middle school. The teaching magnets/educational magnets can also be used for students stationery, toys etc... It can make students intuitive feelings of the real existence and change of magnetic field, and can vividly express the specific physical characteristics, can arouse the students' interest in learning, so that their attention, stimulate their thinking and imagination.Thus, it will help and promote the understanding and cognition of the magnetic field for primary and secondary school students and children. Magnetic field is beneficial and harmless to humans, the child may also use a magnet N pole; the S pole and the repulsion of the earth's magnetic field, the magnetic attraction principle, make magnets into compass.In order to fully mobilize and develop their creative potential, develop thinking and willing to delve into the good learning attitude of inertia!

The commonly used teaching magnets/educational magnets are bar magnets, U magnet (also known as horseshoe type), and occasionally use with other special-shaped magnets, such as star magnets, ring magnets, heart magnets, triangle magnets and arrow magnets.

AlNiCo Magnets on Teaching Magnets

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