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Plastic Magnetic Pins

Plastic Magnetic Pins

Product Category:  office magnets/magnetic pins/plastic magnetic pins

Product Material: plastic(PS)+ferrite disc magnets

Available Size:   D15 X 7mm , D20 X 9mm, D25 X 10mm, D30 X 10mm,D35X10mm,D40X10mm, D50X10mm

Available Color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black,white,voilet

Product Description

Plastic magnetic pins are perfect holding magnets for holding paper objects on a whiteboard, bulletin board, magnetic walls and other metal surfaces It is composed of tiny disc ferrite magnets and colorful plastic house. More and more people use plastic magnetic pins to decorate their magnetic walls, it avoids to make holes onto the walls by using traditional pins. And it is very easy to take away from walls. The plastic shell is smooth and bright which let the magnetic pins looks beautiful. We can also make different logos and patterns on the magnetic pins. As a professional magnetic pins producer, we not only have a wide large selection range for plastic magnetic pins but also can make customized magnetic pins.
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