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Magnetic Clasps

Magnetic Clasps

Product Category: magnetic clasps/NdFeB magnetic clasps/ NdFeB clasp magnet 

Product Features: rare earth clasp magnets, strong magnetic clasps, powerful  magnetic clasps

Available Grade:  N35-N54, 33M-50M, 35H-48H,35SH-45SH,28UH-40UH,28EH-38EH,28AH-33AH

Surface Treatment: NiCuNi, Zn, NiCu+Sn, NiCu+Ag, NiCu+Au,NiCu+Epoxy

Magnetic clasps are made of neodymium magnets, it includes two pieces of neo magnets, and there is cylindrical bore hole in the center of each magnet, the neo magnets have to be used in pair with opposite magnetic poles.

Usage of Magnetic Clasps

Magnetic clasps are widely used on jewelry and sewing. With the magnetic clasps, the jewelry can be worn and took off easily and rapidly. With the strong magnets, the two ends of necklace or bracelet can be connected tightly. For sewing, the mechanical magnetic clasps allow items or garments to use a closure that is completely hidden by fabric. The jewelry magnetic clasps are small, while a sewing clasp is much larger; both are activated by magnets inside.


Features of Magnetic Clasps

Each magnetic clasp has a (1mm) hole on one side for the stringing material and a (2mm or 2.5mm) large hole on the other side for the crimp bead or knot depending on your finishing preference.
The neodymium magnetic clasps can be made into different colors according to the colors of necklaces and bracelets. We have these colors available: silver, golden, black and gun metal color.
The NdFeB magnetic clasps can be made into different sizes according to the sizes of beads on the jewelry. Commonly used sizes are D5x5mm, D6x6mm, D7x7mm, D8x8mm for round magnetic clasps, and 12x6x6mm, 18x6x6mm, 6x6x6mm,7x7x7mm, 8x8x8mm for square magnetic clasps.
For the rare earth magnetic clasps, the magnetic force can be adjusted even if the sizes not changed.


Why Choose Us As Your Magnet Clasps Manufacturers?

1. Our magnetic supplier made with standard neodymium magnetic material, and have enough magnetic strength.
2. The electroplating process of our magnetic clasps are usually better, they can be used long time without fading.
3. We have better equipment for the small holes on the magnetic clasps, and there are no tiny broken on the surface of magnetic clasps.

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