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Neodymium Pot Magnets

Neodymium Pot Magnets

Pot magnets are the most common permanent magnets assemblies, they are results of the development of magnets application, and play important roles in daily life. They can be used as holding magnets or magnetic holders, for example, some supermarket use pot magnets to hold product information board. Because of the usage and special structure, pot magnets also called as cup magnets, magnetic pots,mounting magnets and magnetic chucks. Permanent magnetic pots are composed of permanent magnets and steel cups/steel pots. The permanent magnets fixed into the steel cups by glue, the steel cups cover the magnets and protect the magnets well. With the steel cup covered, the magnetic strength is more powerful.The two parts combine and form a new magnetic system, which called as powerful pot magnets or powerful mounting magnets.

Besides of protecting the fixed magnets, the steel cups can transfer the magnetic line and make it into a magnetic circle. By this, the steel cup provides the magnets with more magnetic strength. Then the magnetic strength of whole magnet assembly is much more than equivalent round magnets. With more powerful magnetism, the pot magnets(mounting magnets) can hold more weight than just magnets not fixed into the steel cups.
Neodymium Pot Magnets for Sale
Neodymium Pot Magnets for Sale
  • Countersunk Neodymium Pot Magnets
    Countersunk Neodymium Pot Magnets
    Neodymium pot magnet with a countersunk mounting hole can be fixed onto any where and used as strong holding magnet. The sizes of standard countersunk neodymium pot magnets range from 16mm to 75mm in diameter.
  • Counterbore Neodymium Pot Magnets
    Counterbore Neodymium Pot Magnets
    NdFeB pot magnets with cylindrical mounting hole is also known as counterbore neodymium pot magnets or neodymium shallow pot magnets. The standard size of such neodymium pot magnets range from 16mm to 75mm in diameter.
  • External Thread Neodymium Pot Magnets
    External Thread Neodymium Pot Magnets
    A neodymium disc magnet housed with a steel shallow pot with a male threaded mounting stud is called external or male threaded neodymium pot magnet. The size of male threaded stud ranges from M3 to M10.
  • Internal Thread Neodymium Pot Magnets
    Internal Thread Neodymium Pot Magnets
    A neodymium disc magnet encased in a steel shallow cup with a female threaded bushing is called internal or female threaded neodymium pot magnet. The size of female threaded bushing ranges from M3 to M10.
  • Neodymium Hook Magnets
    Neodymium Hook Magnets
    NdFeB pot magnet with a steel hook is neodymium hook magnet,neodymium hook magnets are the best solution of heavy duty magnetic hanging. Standard sizes of NdFeB hook magnets range from D16mm to D75mm.
  • Neodymium Eyebolt Magnets
    Neodymium Eyebolt Magnets
    The magnet assembly is composed of eyebolt,countersunk head screw and neodymium cup magnet with countersunk mounting hole.Such neodymium magnets with eyebolt can be used as salvage magnets.The diameter ranges from 20mm to 75mm.
  • Neodymium Magnets with Eyelet
    Neodymium Magnets with Eyelet
    The magnetic assembly of NdFeB cup magnet with a closed hook is shorted as neodymium magnets with eyelet.The pull force of standard eyelet neodymium magnets ranges from 5kgs to 160+ kgs. The neodymium magnet with eyelet are used for magnet fishing.
  • Channel Magnets
    Channel Magnets
    Channel Magnets, Neodymium channel magnets, channel holding magnets, NdFeB magnets channels, Ferrite channel magnets, ferrite magnet channelsAs a kind of special pot magnets, channel magnets are squar...
  • Magnetic Tool Holders
    Magnetic Tool Holders
    Magnetic tool holder can be used in any workshop.It can high-efficiency organize all tools.Save your time on looking for tools.
  • Neodymium Shallow Pot Magnets
    Neodymium Shallow Pot Magnets
    A permanent magnet housed with a iron shell is known as pot magnet or cup magnet.According to different applications, the iron shell can be made into various designs.The pot magnet is without any moun...
  • Flat Neodymium Pot/Cup Magnets with Threaded Hole
    Flat Neodymium Pot/Cup Magnets with Threaded Hole
    Steel housed NdFeB(neodymium) magnets are called neodymium pot/cup magnets,due to the magnetic solutions provided by steel housed neodymium magnets,they also known as neodymium clamping magnets,neodym...
According to needs, the steel cup pot magnets can be made into different types, Meank magnetics often make the following types of pot magnets & mounting magnets: 
1. Round base pot magnets/mounting magnets that disc magnets fixed into flat steel cups by glue.
2. Countersunk pot magnets that fix countersunk permanent magnet into the steel cup with a hole in the center.
3. Shallow pot magnets that ring magnets fixed into the steel pot with a hole in the center.
4. External thread pot magnets that disc magnets fixed into the steel cups with an external thread for the screw.
5. Internal thread pot magnets that disc magnets fixed into the steel cups with internally threaded hole for hooks and rings.
6. Hook magnets(also called magnetic hooks) that twist a steel hook into the internal thread pot magnets.The hooks can be closed or not, or just hand ring which called as pot magnets with eyelets.

Now take you browse the standard neodymium pot magnets / neodymium holding magnets/neodymium cup magnets/neodymium mounting magnets.

Type A is countersunk ring pot(cup)magnets-pot magnets with a countersunk hole, which composed of countersunk neodymium magnets and steel cups with hole. This construction let the pot magnets suit for the screw.

Pot magnets-Type B is cylindrical hole magnets-cup magnets with a cylindrical hole, which composed of ring neodymium magnets and steel cups with a hole.This design makes it easy to be fixed.

Pot magnets-type C is composed of disc neodymium magnets and steel cup that with an external thread. Which is called externally threaded pot magnets-pot magnets with external thread stud, the external thread magnets are strong enough to hold things.

Besides of external thread(male thread) pot magnets, internal thread(female thread) pot magnets are also common pot magnets which classified as pot magnets-type D . Internal thread cup magnets-cup magnets with screw thread are composed of disc neodymium magnets and steel cup with an internal thread which make it easy to be fix.Female thread cup magnet are used with eyelet hooks.

Pot magnets-type E are hook magnets or magnetic hooks. The disc neodymium magnets are affixed into a steel cup with an internal thread, hooks can screw into the internal thread hole. Hook magnets are very powerful and are widely used to hang things.

Searching magnets/search magnets/fishing magnets/salvage magnets are pot magnets named according to usage. It used to search/salvage metal objects under water where you can not see. Pot magnets with strong magnetic force can also use to salvage metal objects from deep water, then we can call it salvage magnets. For search magnets/salvage magnets/fishing magnets, we have single side and double sides available.

Rubber coated pot magnets are magnetic system that the body parts are made with rubberized, the rubber coating make the pot magnets/holding magnets wearable and water-proof. So rubber coated pot magnets/rubber holding magnets are called as waterproof magnets.

Neodymium Pot Magnets

Above types are just standard pot magnets types we make, we can also make other types based on customers' designs.Our standard types of pot magnets are made from neodymium strong magnets. All our neodymium pot magnets have good market performance.

To meet clients' needs on actual application conditions and cost control, we provide a different magnetic material choice on the magnets used for each type pot magnets. And also have wide range of size for choosing according to the need of holding force. If clients not need very powerful magnetic strength and want to save cost, the ferrite pot magnets or ceramic pot magnets are perfect. If clients want very strong magnetic power, then neodymium pot magnets are the best choice. If clients used the pot magnets under the condition of higher temperature, then SmCo pot magnets can be used. In all, there must be one type suit for you.
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