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Magnetic tag remover

Magnetic tag remover

The magnetic tag remover(also known as magnetic label remover) is composed of several strong permanent magnets. It can disassemble various standard labels and can be reused. It is widely used in retail industry and EAS system. magnetic tag removers are used to unlock anti-theft buttons in supermarkets, retail stores, clothing stores, cloth stores and shoe stores
Features of magnetic tag(label) removers:

Super strong magnetic force, up to 10000 Gauss are available for magnetic tag remover
With significant disassembly performance, EAS hard labels can be easily removed from goods
The magnetic tag remover has a beautiful appearance design
The magnetic label remover is convenient to use.
Magnetic label remover is resistant to high temperature.
Can magnets remove security tags?

Yes,you can use super magnetic tag remover to remove the tag from commodities.

What kind of magnet do I need to remove security tags?

Many security tags are used with electromagnetic devices in stores. If you want to remove them at home, high-power magnets, such as powerful magnetic tag pullers are needed .Place the magnet on a flat surface and place the label on top with the ink dome or cartridge facing down

How can a magnet remove all security tags?

Move the magnet onto the security tags while trying to open it with pliers. Another way to use a security magnetic tag remover is to put it on the table and place the tag on the magnetic tag remover with the bottom facing down. You should hear it clicking. Up and down the control pin, it should come out.

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