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Application of NdFeB Magnetic Tiles on Brushless Motor

Brushless motor in our country has a short development time, and it has developed rapidly with the maturity and perfection of Technology.Brushless motor is widely used in aeromodelling products, which drove the production and development of many small and medium-sized enterprises for NdFeB magnetic tile(known as tile neodymium magnet) and NdFeB radial magnet ring. Brushless motor has been widely used many fields, such as in the aeromodelling, medical equipment, household appliances and electric cars. The scale of the industrial chain formed in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Changsha, the developing of new product use brushless motor achieved remarkable results.

As we all know, NdFeB magnetic tile or NdFeB radial ring magnets are important for the motor just like a heart to a man.  the current and the magnetic field produced by the coil driven NdFeB magnetic tile or NdFeB radial magnetic field, so that the neodymium iron magnetic tile or the magnetic field strength of NdFeB magnetic radial the multi-ring motor running efficiency is very important. Let us look at the advantages of brushless motor:

1, brushless, low interference brushless motor to remove the brush, the most direct change is that there is no electric spark, which greatly reduces the interference of spark to remote control radio equipment.

2, low noise, smooth operation, brushless motor without an electric brush, when the operation of friction greatly reduced, smooth running, the noise will be much lower, this advantage for the stability of the model is a huge support.

3, long service life, low maintenance cost without a brush, the wear and tear of the brushless motor is mainly on the bearing, from the mechanical point of view, brushless motor is almost a motor maintenance free, when necessary, just do some cleaning maintenance.

NdFeB Magnetic Tile on Brushless Motor
Brushless motor, as the name implies, certainly do not need carbon brush original, form a geometric axis rotating around the motor winding coil, the magnetic field drives the permanent magnet on the rotor rotate, the motor will turn up.The properties of motor has relation with the quantity of neodymium iron boron magnetic tile, the magnetic flux intensity of NdFeB radial magnet ring, the motor input voltage, size and other factors, the real decision is brushless electronic governor, good electronic governor need to have programming, MCU control circuit design, the overall control of the complex processing process, so the price is much higher than the brush motor.

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