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Plastic Coated Magnetic Hooks

Plastic Coated Magnetic Hooks

Product Category: Magnetic Hooks/Hook Magnets

Product Name: plastic coated magnetic hooks, rubber coated magnetic hooks, magnetic hooks with plastic housing

Advantage: stronger holding force

Available Size: D45XH25.5mm

Plastic Coated Magnetic HooksPlastic Coated Magnetic Hooks
Magnetic hooks are sometimes used in the bad environment, to not let its surface rust quickly and lengthen its working time, a good surface protection is needed.Usually, plastic housing or rubber housing are made outside the magnetic hooks. That is plastic coated magnetic hooks or rubber coated magnetic hooks.Rare earth neodymium magnets are used to provide strong magnetism for the magnetic hooks.With the strong magnets support, the magnetic hooks are widely used for exhibition display, industry fixing and objects holder.With plastic/rubber housing, not only make the magnetic water-proof, but also make the magnetic hooks look nice because both rubbers coated magnetic hooks and plastic coated magnetic hook can be made into different colours.

The features of rubber/plastic coated magnetic hooks:
1, Plastic/rubber coated magnetic hooks are more durable
2, Plastic/rubber coated magnetic hooks have strong magnetic force.
3, Rubber/plastic coated magnetic hooks are convenient&easy to be used.
4, Rubber/plastic coated magnetic hooks have a wide range of usage occasion.


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