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Neodymium Ball/Sphere Magnets

Sphere magnets are permanent magnet balls or magnetic balls. No matter ball magnet or sphere magnet, they just tell us the same shape for a permanent magnet.
The neodymium ball magnets/neodymium sphere magnets are magnetic balls that made of rare earth neodymium permanent magnetic material. Neodymium ball magnets are strong magnetic balls, they are not used so widely like neodymium disc magnets and neodymium block magnets. It's mainly used as strong magnetic beads for magnetic jewelry and magnetic toys, for example, magnetic neocube toys that composed of neodymium magnetic balls are very popular. The smallest sizes of neodymium ball magnets we made are Dia-2mm. And the biggest NdFeB sphere magnets we made is Dia-50mm. Meank magnetics will be your first choice of sphere magnets supplier and magnetic balls producer.

  • Dia-2mm tiny neodymium magnet balls

    Tiny neodymium magnet balls are not easy to produce, as a professional neodymium magnet ball producer, we can produce extream small neodymium magnets balls.The size of the tiny neodymium magnet balls ...

  • Dia-3mm tiny neodymium sphere

    The magnetic spheres on the picture are made from neodymium material,the size is only 3mm which is tiny neodymium sphere.We can make different colors on the tiny neodymium spheres. Welcome you contact...

  • Dia-5mm golden magnetic balls

    The NdFeB magnetic balls are easy to be made into different colors.After making Au-coating on the NdFeB magnetic balls,they are golden magnetic balls.Compared with other colors of NdFeB magnet balls,g...

  • Dia-5mm silver magnetic balls

    The magnetic balls from this pictures are made from neo magnet material. With Ag-plating,the silver magnetic balls looks very nice.The diameter is the same as the magnetic balls which used on neocube ...

  • Dia-5mm colorful magnetic balls

    To make the color of magnetic neocube toys more rich.We developed colorful magnetic balls.With the colorful magnetic balls,the neocube magnetic toys are more interesting.The colorful magnetic toys nor...

  • Dia-5mm rare earth magnetic balls

    The rare earth magnetic balls on the pictures are dia-5mm with nickel plating, this type of magnetic balls are often used as magnetic neocube toys, they can be made into different colors.

  • Dia-5mm silver ball magnets with hole

    As silver ball magnets used more and more widely,some new requirements produced on the ball magnets,somewhere a hole need to be made into a ball magnet. Here are silver ball magnets with hole,they are...

  • gold sphere magnets with hole

    Sphere magnets are used more and more. As a professional neodymium sphere magnets producer,we have wide size range and color range of sphere magnets for sale.Here are gold sphere magnets with hole,the...

  • Dia-5mm black neodymium ball magnets

    The size of dia-5mm neodymium ball magnets are mass used for neocube magnetic toys.To make the neocube toys more interesting,we make many colors on the neodymium ball magnets.The black neodymium ball ...

  • Dia-6mm strong sphere magnets

    The sphere magnets from this picture are made from neodymium magnets material.Because the neodymium magnets material is strong magnet material, so they are strong sphere magnets.The size of the strong...

  • Dia-8mm neodymium magnetic balls

    The magnetic balls are made from neodymium magnet material.Our neodymium magnetic balls size varies from Dia-2mm to Dia-50mm.The neodymium magnetic balls on the picture is dia-8mm with Cr-plating.

  • D8mm sphere magnets

    8mm sphere magnets with black Nickel coated, it looks nicer than other colors.

  • Dia-10mm neodymium sphere magnets

    The sphere magnets on the picture are made from neodymium magnet material.Our neodymium sphere magnets varies from Dia-2mm to Dia-50mm.The neodymium sphere magnets you look at now is Dia-10mm with NiC...

  • Dia-12.7mm NdFeB magnetic balls

    The magnetic balls on the picture are made from NdFeB magnet material. The diameter of the NdFeB magnetic balls is 12.7mm, this is a common sizes for magnetic balls.We're world class China magnetic ba...

  • Dia-19mm neodymium magnet spheres

    The magnet spheres on the picture are made from neodymium, they are made with nickel plating. The size of the neodymium magnet spheres is 19mm, that is big magnet sphere and powerful magnet sphere.The...

  • powerful magnetic balls

    The powerful magnetic balls are with dimension of dia-26mm,the highest available property is N52.