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    Why are neodymium magnets coated? 
    Neodymium magnet is mainly a composition of neodymium, iron, and boron. When the magnets are exposed to air, the iron in the magnet can rust and ruin the magnet, because iron is easy to be oxidized. Thus, to prevent the magnet from corrosion, the magnet have to be coated.
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    What type of coating can you supply?
    We can supply the type of Nickel, Zinc, Epoxy, Gold, Silver, Sn, Parylene.
  • 3
    Which is the strongest type of magnet? 
    At present,the highest property magnets are rare earth magnets,NdFeB magnets are the strongest for rare earth magnets,but SmCo magnets are the strongest magnets for the environment over 200 degrees celsius.
  • 4
    What is monopole magnet?
    All permanent magnets have two poles, but in some positions require mono pole magnet, so it is necessary to use a iron wrap one side of the magnet, the magnetism of the side that wrapped by iron is shielded, and refracted to the other side of the magnet through iron, the magnetic force of the other side is enhanced, so it called mono pole magnet or single pole magnet. There is no real single magnet!
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    What is Maximum Operating Temperature?
    It is the temperature at which the magnet begin losing its ferromagnetic ability.
  • 6
    What is Curie Temperature? 
    It is the temperature at which the magnet will lose 100% of its ferromagnetic ability.
  • 7
    Will neodymium magnet lose their strength with time? 
    No, the magnet will keep the strength lifetime.
  • 8
    How is the strength of a magnet measured?
    Gaussmeters are used to measure the magnetic field density at the surface of the magnet. This is referred to as the surface field and is measured in Gauss. Sometimes it measured in Tesla. Pull Force Testers are used to test the holding force of a magnet that is in contact with a flat steel plate.
  • 9
    Is one pole stronger than the other pole? 
    No, both poles of one magnet are with the same magnetic strength.
  • 10
    How to identify the pole of a magnet?
    You can use a compass or an already identified pole of another magnet. And can also use eletrical magnetic pole identifier to identify the pole of magnets, it looks like a pen.
  • 11
    What's the main applications of rare earth neodymium-iron-boron permanent magnet?
    Rare earth neodymium-iron-boron permanent magnet is a kind of reserve energy material, which produce magnetic field in certain space. Because of its high Coercivity and Maximum Energy, especially the better performance than other permanent magnets under environment of 20℃~150℃, the neodymium permanent magnetic material used in many areas especially in modern high-tech fields. The magnet application can be classified as follows:
    • Transform electrical energy to mechanical energy, such as engine, speaker, voice coil motor and so on.
    • Transform mechanical energy to electrical energy, such as power generator, telephone receiver, instrument etc.
    • Transform mechanical energy to mechanical energy, such as magnetic separator, magnetic suspension, magnetic transmission, magnetic loader, magnetic switch, water magnetizer, magnetic toys, magnetic attraction and magnetic holding etc.
    • Physics effect of magnetic field,such as magnetic resonance, magnetic de-waxing, magnetic gasoline saver.
  • 12
    How is the neodymium permanent magnet made out?
    Sintered neodymium permanent magnet is made out by powder metallurgical technique. Main processing are smelting, hydrogen decrepitation,milling,pressing/moulding,sintering,machinning.
  • 13
    How long the magnetic properties of  rare earth neodymium magnets can be maintained?
    Under the environment of suitable temperature and humidity, no strong external magnetic field,radiation and other factors that affect magnetic performance, the magnetic properties of rare earth neodymium magnets be nearly kept forever.
  • 14
    What is magnet assembly?
    Simply speaking, magnet assembly is magnet-related products, it is product of magnet application. Magnet assembly is a entirety that composed with magnets and magnetic conductive material. The magnetic conductive material are used for improving the magnetic effect of the magnets. Meank Magnetics can supply different kinds of magnets assemblies, such as magnetic holder, pot magnets, magnetic hooks, magnetic name badges, permanent magnetic rotors,permanent magnetic speaker drivers, custom magnet assemblies designs are welcomed.
  • 15
    How to machine NdFeB magnets?
    NdFeB magnets must be machined under non-magnetized state, it machined by special equipment and technology, such as grinding,cutting,ling-cutting,drilling. Meank magnetics make every one magnet with professional equipment and workers.
  • 16
    What factors effect the process cost of magnet?
    Magnets processing cost are mainly effected by 3 factors: shape, tolerance and batch size. The more complex magnets shape, the higher processing cost. The more strict tolerance,the higher processing cost. The smaller batch size the higher processing cost.
  • 17
    Can magnet used directly for separating? 
    No, neodymium magnets is easy to break and to be corrupted, it must be protected by isolating magnetism material.
  • 18
    Do magnets have harm to body?
    Magnet mainly classified as permanent magnet and soft magnet. And permanent magnets are classified as metal alloy magnets(including Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets, Samarium-Cobalt magnets, AlNiCo magnets ) and hard ferrite magnets.
    Ferrite magnets is sintered permanent magnets. Compared with other permanent magnets, ferrite magnet is hard and fragile, its magnetic energy is low. But is is not easy to be demagnetized and corroded, its production engineering is easy and price cheaper, and widely used in industry production.
    Magnets have no radiation to body, only laser and cesium heavy metal can produce radiation to body.
    The earth itself have super magnetic field, so body has adaptability to magnetic field even if dependence on magnetic field. Medical domain speaking weak and stable magnetic field is good for health, so kinds of magnet therapy items produced.
  • 19
    What type of magnets can be used as motor magnets?
    For magnetic materials, motor magnets can use rare earth motor magnets(include SmCo motor magnets and NdFeB motor magnets) and Ferrite motor magnets/ceramic motor magnets;
    For shapes of magnets, motor magnets can adopt disc magnets, arc magnets, ring magnets, and trapezoid magnets
  • 20
    What is salvage magnets?
    Salvage magnets are strong magnets that specially used to salvage metal things from river or marine. At the beginning, nude neodymium magnets with holes were used as salvage magnets. But the magnet material is fragile, then people think out ways with magnetic circuit design that not only prorect the magnets from damage but also strength the magnetic force, the products are known as pot magnets or channel magnets. With strong magnetic force, the magnetic assembly often used to search metal things under deep water. So that salvage magnets also called as search magnets and fishing magnets.
  • 21
    Can you make hole through NdFeB sphere magnets / NdFeB magnetic balls?
    Yes, we can make hole on  NdFeB sphere magnets/magnetic balls.
  • 22
    Can you supply waterproof magnets?
    Yes, are professional water proof magnets producer, and we can make all kinds of waterproof magnets. Our water-proof magnets include rubber coated magnets, plastic coated magnets and teflon coated magnets.
  • 23
    Will SmCo magnets rust or not?
    Because the SmCo magnets contained iron components, so SmCo magnets will also rust. But compared with NdFeB magnets, the iron content is relatively low, therefore, rust phenomenon is not very serious for SmCo magnets. If put the SmCo magnets in the seawater, the surface will produce some rust, but does not affect its performance and use. Therefore, usualy SmCo magnet does not require electroplating.
  • 24
    Which type of SmCo magnet is more expensive? SmCo(1:5) or SmCo(2:17)? Why?
    First of all, the price of SmCo5 magnet is higher than the price of Sm2Co17 magnet.
    Cobalt content of smco5 magnet is higher than sm2co17 magnet, Cobalt metal is a scarce metal in China and needs to be imported, so the price is very expensive. In addition, the content of rare earth is higher for SmCo5 magnet, besides of cobalt, others are samarium and praseodymium rare earth material.Because of strict control of mining and resource scarcity,the prices for rare earth material are too expensive now. So, although the magnetic energy of SmCo5 magnet is lower than that of Sm2Co17 magnet, but the price of SmCo5 magnet is higher than Sm2Co17 magnet.
  • 25
    What's the difference between SmCo5 magnets and Sm2Co17 magnets?
    The representation of grades is different: SmCo5 magnet is represented by XY, while Sm2Co17 magnet is represented by XYG
    The ingredients is different: the main ingredient of SmCo5 magnet is samarium ,cobalt, praseodymium, or just pure samarium cobalt. The main components of Sm2Co17 magnet are samarium,cobalt, copper, iron, zirconium.
    The physical performance is different: the maximum working temperature of SmCo5 magnet is 250℃, the maximum operating temperature of Sm2Co17 magnet is 350℃, the mechanical and physical performance of SmCo5 magnet is better than Sm2Co17 magnet, slightly easier to process, and Sm2Co17 magnet is more brittle.
  • 26
    Why do you need sample fee for magnet sample?
    1,The rare earth magnetic material are usually very expensive, such as samarium cobalt magnet and neodymium-iron-boron magnet, which belongs to non standard parts, magnets are customized product, unlike the standard parts are ready to take a few as samples, usually need to go through a complex machining process. The machining cycle usually take about a week or even longer. It produce a certain amount of manpower cost.
    2, Each process needs to occupy the corresponding production equipment, which will cause some delay to other normal order.
    3, The quantity of samples is small, sometimes the processing ways of samples are different from that of batch order, batch orders are made with matched rough material,
    While samples are usually made with non-matched rough magnetic material, this not only cause waste on magnetic material but also need more process. So the unit price for samples is much more than that from batch order, we can not make samples at the price for batch order.
    4, In fact, the sample fee we charge is much less than the actual cost of the sample, the purpose is hope to genuine cooperate with customers, also to remind customers to be careful on making magnet samples, minimize unnecessary costs.
    So we hope every customer think of it from our point of view, and bear some cost for magnets sample. Thank you!
  • 27
    How long will the plating take for NdFeB magnets?
    How long the plating take for NdFeB magnets? There is no specific answer, generally look at where the NdFeB magnets used, and whether need salt spray test, if you want the NdFeB magnets pass salt spray test, it will be longer, or 3-4 hours is ok .
  • 28
    Why there is unfilled corner for neodymium magnets after electroplating?
    Unfilled corner can not be avoided during the process of electroplating for neodymium magnets, the following factors can cause unfilled corner to a neodymium magnet.
    1, The chamfer of the neodymium magnet is not big enough
    2, The size of neodymium magnets are too large
    3、The speed is too fast and the neodymium magnet knock against each other.
    4、Material of the neodymium magnets has problems, it is too brittle
  • 29
    How to check the coating quality for neodymium strong magnets?
    Because the corrosion resistance of neodymium magnets is poor, so electroplate needed to improve the corrosion resistant ability, most of the neodymium magnet manufacturers just send the neodymium magnet to the electroplating factory for electroplating, the plating is good or not, how to detect the quality of the coating for a neodymium magnet? What are the detection methods?
    The quality of the coating has a direct impact on the service life of NdFeB magnet, and the main methods for testing the quality of NdFeB magnets coating are as below:
    1, visual appearance
    The appearance is mainly observed by the naked eye, in the natural light (sunlight, non direct) under the best, or in the illumination equivalent to 40W fluorescent lamp observation. There should be no blisters, peeling, partial plating and uneven tone, stains, water stains and so on
    2, Measure the coating thickness of NdFeB magnets.
    3, Drop testing which is mainly for galvanized NdFeB magnets products
    4, Cross cut testing which is mainly for Nickel plating NdFeB magnets.
    5, Quench and thermal shock testing
    6, PCT pressure test
    7, SST salt spray test
    8, Constant temperature and humidity test, etc.
  • 30
    Where to buy/purchase countersunk magnets?
    Countersunk magnets include neodymium countersunk magnets,ceramic countersunk magnets and SmCo countersunk magnets. Meank Magnetics is a professional neodymium countersunk magnets producer,we can make high-quality neodymium countersunk magnets for you.
  • 31
    How to choose magnets?
    Before choosing one magnet,have to know what function needed for the magnets?
    The shape of needed magnets:disc magnets,ring magnets,block magnets,arc magnets and cone magnets.
    The sizes of needed magnets: length,width,height,diameter and tolerance.
    The magnetic force,quantity and target price of the needed magnets
  • 32
    What is direction of magnetization?
    Most of magnetic materials can be fully magnetized through a certain direction,this direction is called as direction of magnetization(direction of oriented).The the magnetic force of magnets that have no direction of oriented(called as isotropic magnets) are weaker than the magnets have direction of oriented which called as anisotropic magnets.
  • 33
    Where to buy high quality neodymium magnets?
    There are so many China neodymium magnets suppliers,but not every supplier can supply high-quality neodymium magnets. As a professional magnetic material producer,Meank Magnetics only deliver qualified neodymium magnets,which include good properties and good appearance. We sincerely welcome every customer's offer request.
  • 34
    What is the difference between Zinc plating and Nickel plating on Nd-Fe-B magnets?
    1.Difference appearance,Zinc plating is white or blue,nickel plating is silver,it looks brighter than Zinc plating.
    2.Corrosion resistance is different,nickel plating can generally pass neutral salt spray test 48 hours,zinc plating is generally 24 hours.
    3.The viscosity of zinc plating is better than that of nickel plating.
    4.There's no difference in magnetism.
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