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The Application of Rubber Magnets on Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets are daily hanging decorations, generally used in decorative, add color to the dull refrigerator.Beside of decorations, fridge magnets can also used as memorandum, that is small note. For example, vegetables or other food in the fridge what need to buy, you can write down on paper, and then hold on it through the magnetic stickers.

Fridge sticker divided into two types, one is magnetic sticker, the other one is adhesive sticker.Adhesive stickers are one-time,the magnetic sticker can be repeat used, magnetic sticker can keep the fridge tidy. Because of the advantages of magnetic sticker,more and more magnetic sticker are used today. The magnetic stickers are just fridge magnets, which made from flexible magnetic sheet or rubber magnets. Fridge magnets mainly divided into PVC flexible rubber fridge magnets and copperplate paper printing fridge magnets, on the back of the fridge magnets, general stick with metal magnet or rubber soft magnets.

Fridge magnets include the following types:
1, Magnetic refrigerator sticker: rubber magnet + top coated paper color printing made of peritoneum
2, Thermometer refrigerator sticker: soft rubber magnet + four-color printing coated paper mounted film + thermometer
3, Magnetic Bookmarks: adopt the soft rubber magnet + above four-color printing coated paper produced by peritoneal fold
4, Magnetic message board: the board (or board) + rubber magnet coated paper printing laminating film + light erasable pen
5, Magnetic photo frame: using soft magnet mounted coated paper color printing peritoneal, intermediate punching photo produced. And according to the requirements of the customers,made into double PVC photo frame, photo frame, photo frames made of various materials such as cardboard
6, Magnetic Memo Pad: magnetic pad rubber magnet + top mounted light coated paper printing film + notes this, or a separate pad, the convenience
7, Magnetic puzzle puzzle board: bottom soft rubber magnet (grey board or cardboard) + top four-color printing coated paper laminating film, intermediate cutting need to make small puzzle design.
8, PVC soft rubber fridge sticker: using PVC soft rubber dispensing pattern backed magnet
9, Glass refrigerator sticker: adopt the rubber magnet + top coated paper color printing + semi-circular glass window made of peritoneum
10, Epoxy refrigerator sticker: rubber magnet + top coated paper color printing + glue made of peritoneum

Rubber Magnets on Fridge Magnets
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