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Gun Magnets, Magnetic Gun Mount, Magnetic Gun Holder

Gun Magnets, Magnetic Gun Mount, Magnetic Gun Holder
Gun magnets are the strong magnets used to hold guns,which also known as magnetic gun mount and magnetic gun holder.To improve its practicability,gun magnets are usually made with rubber coated.
Material of gun magnets: The unit of gun magnets are composed of high-performance NdFeB magnets,wear resistant soft rubber cover, iron plate.

Item Code: ABS-2
Size: 89 x 36.5 x 12.5 mm
Feature: backed with adhesive
N.W: 84g
Item Code: ABS-3
Size: 120x36.5x12.5mm
Feature: backed with adhesive
N.W: 123g

Item Code: TPE-2
Size: 95 x 35 x 9mm
Feature: assembled with two disc magnets
N.W: 92g
Item Code: TPE-8
Size: 95 x 35 x8mm
Feature: rubber cover can be took off
N.W: 114g

Why are the ironclad rubber coated gun magnets/ rubber coated gun mount/rubber coated gun holder are widely used?
By using gun magnets,you can put your gun onto anywhere that is convenient for you.The rubber coated gun mount can be horizontally or vertically mounted as you needs.By using the rubber coated magnetic gun holders,you can get your gun rapidly in emergency situations.

Characteristics of rubber coated magnetic gun mount/magnetic gun holder/gun magnets
·Multiple magnetic poles design which make the gun magnets have super strong magnetic holding force on small volume.
·Flexible installation methods are available for magnetic gun mount,and it can be mount freely.
·The rubber coated magnetic gun holders have soft surface that will not damage the guns.
·The rubber coated magnetic gun mount are water-proof which ensure the longest service of the gun magnets.
·The magnetic gun mounts are assembled with several high-performance neodymium magnets,which make it shockproof.

Installation methods of magnetic gun mount:
Magnetic gun mounts are made with countersunk borehole on each end of the magnet base,you can mount it screw.The magnetic gun holders are backed with 3M adhesive,
Other applications: Besides used to hold guns,the rubber coated gun mount can be also used to hold other metal tools in office and warehouse or kitchen.Even anywhere you want.

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