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Pick-Up Magnets

Product Description

As one kind of magnetic tools, magnetic pick-up tools are used to pick up small metal parts, screw caps, nails and gasket etc. They called as pickup magnets. There are many types available on the market of magnetic pick-up tools. Pen type magnetic pick-up tools are the most commonly used type. Pen type magnetic pick-up tools are made from stainless steel tube and powerful neodymium magnets. The body part looks like an antenna, and it is the extension.The powerful magnets ensure the magnetic pickup tools enough magnetic force.The main feature of this magnetic tool is the flexible length, the length when non-working is about 13cm while the maximum length when working can be around 60cm. This feature is just the advantage of pen type magnetic pick-up tools, because of this, they can be pulled to the idea length then put into the deep and small gaps or holes to pick up the metal parts, while it’s impossible to take out those small metal parts by hands. To suit the dark working environment, the pen type magnetic pickup tools can be made with a small light on the top. Today pen type magnetic pick-up tools are already the irreplaceable helper for motorcycle repair shop, automobile repair shop, drilling machine workshop and milling machine workshop. Pen type magnetic pickup tools are also good to help at home when you want to take out a coin under the bed.  The second feature for pen type magnetic pickup tools is easy to carry, it is portable like a pen.

As a magnetic pickup tools supplier, our aim is to bring more and more such kind of products to customers.

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