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Magnetic Tools

Magnetic Tools

Magnetic tools are the tools that made with a permanent magnet. They are good helper and partner for many places. For safety, magnetic tools usually made with the strongest permanent magnets-neodymium magnets.

Magnetic tools are a good helper for repair shops of automobile and motorcycle, in foreign countries, such as America, Canada, England, Spain etc, magnetic tools already have over 10 years wide application history. In our country, there are few of manufacturers that make magnetic tool. We are the famous producer of magnetic tools.

Magnetic Tools for Sale

Magnetic Tools for Sale
  • Magnetic Pole Identifier
    Magnetic Pole Identifier
    Magnetic pole identifiers are a normal magnetic tool for knowing the pole name of a magnet.
  • Cow magnets
    Cow magnets
    The magnetic product put into the cattle stomach to remove the iron nails, iron wires and any other iron filings absorbed in the cattle ...
  • Magnetic tag remover
    Magnetic tag remover
    The magnetic tag remover(also known as magnetic label remover) is composed of several strong permanent magnets.
  • Pick-Up Magnets
    Pick-Up Magnets
    As one kind of magnetic tools, magnetic pick-up tools are used to pick up small metal parts, screw caps,nails and gasket etc. They called as pick-up magnets. There are many types available on the mark...
  • Magnetic Lifter
    Magnetic Lifter
    About permanent magnetic lifter/Lifting Magnets/Hoisting MagnetsPermanent magnetic lifter also known as permanent magnetic suction hanging device,magnetic crane, magnet lifter, magnetic lifting jack, ...
  • Magnetic Separators
    Magnetic Separators
    During industrial production,we need separate the metal impurity from different material,this work is impossible to be done by manual,it must rely on certain tools and equipment.To solve the problem,w...
  • Permanent Magnetic Chucks
    Permanent Magnetic Chucks
    Permanent magnetic chuck is also called magnetic chuck, it is widely used as magnetic clamp in the machining field, such as machinery factory, mold factory. It can greatly improve the efficiency of g...
  • Magnetic Catchers
    Magnetic Catchers
    Magnetic catcher is a kind of magnetic device consist of plastic case and magnets, it is an ideal magnetic tool for adsorbing, picking up and separating iron parts or impurities.Through controlling of...
Compared with neodymium magnets, magnetic tools are an unpopular industry. But this industry little affected by the financial crisis since the year of 2008, because the competition is little, and foreign people always use these magnetic products. So the magnetic tools which known by few Chinese achieved the booming business for those producers. 

Although magnetic tools can adsorb and hold many small parts, let those important repair parts not lost easily, keep the repair shop clean and tidy. For example, magnetic bowl can be used put many screw caps and nail etc. Magnetic tools shelf or magnetic tools holder can hold spanners and screw driver etc. Magnetic pick-up tools with light can pick up the parts that fall on dark corner and clipper seams. Magnetic sweepers can rapidly absorb the scrap iron on the ground of workshop.The magnetic catcher can suck up many metal part by one time, and then release them automatically. Magnetic filter or separate magnets can high-efficiency separate tiny metal impurity from production material.Magnetic lifters or lifting magnets can easily lift and transport heavy metal plate and magnetic blocks.Magnetic pole identifier can rapidly tell you which pole is N or S for a magnet.

There are so many advantages and functions for magnetic tools, but most of Chinese not know them although China is the producing country for all kinds of magnetic tools. The reason is we are backward, and domestic magnetic tools market can not be opened by ourselves, China people seldom use magnetic tools, few magnetic tools can be found in tools shop, most of the boss not pay attention to magnetic tools production. We hope those magnetic tools can serve more and people, especially ourselves.
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