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Magnetic Separators

Magnetic Separators

During industrial production, we need separate the metal impurity from a different material, this work is impossible to be done by manual, it must rely on certain tools and equipment.To solve the problem, we developed high-efficiency strong permanent magnetic separator.The magnetic separators already worked for many plants and helped them improve production efficiency.

Permanent magnetic separators also known as the permanent magnetic filter, they are magnetic systems which assembled with permanent magnets and stainless steel tubes.The smallest unit for the magnetic separators/magnetic filters is the strong magnetic bar. By centralizing the magnetic line, the magnetic force of each magnetic bar is up to extreme value. Not any permanent magnetic material can be compared with it.So it can separate metal impurity from any material easily. Magnetic separators are suited for the food industry, medicine, cosmetics, chemical etc.

As the working requirement on magnetic separators keeps changing, kinds of magnetic separators are available on the market. We - meank magnetics mainly make permanent magnetic bars, permanent magnetic grate separator/magnetic grid separators, drawer magnetic separators and magnetic liquid traps/liquid magnetic separators.

We sincerely hope to supply the magnetic separators and magnetic solutions for you.

The features of magnetic separators:
1. It composed of permanent magnetic bars, the maximum surface magnetic force can be up to 12000 Gauss.
2. It can separate the extreme tiny impurity which can not be seen by eyes.;
3. The surface treatment for permanent magnetic separators can meet the requirement for food safety.
4. The separating performance is good, the magnetic force is strong, and it is easy to clean.
5. High property neodymium magnets used for permanent magnetic separators, compared with a common magnetic material, the magnetic strength is 5-20 times higher.

Why choose us as a supplier for permanent magnetic separators or magnetic filter?
The surface treatment of our permanent magnetic separators/magnetic filters is better than competitors'.
The surface magnetic strength of our permanent magnetic separators/magnetic filter is higher than competitors.
We can provide professional magnetic solution on the magnetic separators/magnetic filters.
We can deliver common magnetic separators/magnetic filters in a shorter time.
We have more commitment for every client about the magnetic separators/magnetic filters.
We have the higher target about the magnetic separators/magnetic filters.

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