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For inquiry & order:
We have to be made known for
1, magnetic performance for magnets(usually called grade): if you can not know the grade of the magnets you need, you can tell us the working environment, or tell me where the magnets used?

2, magnets size/dimension: magnets are not standard products, every magnet is made out according to customer’s design. So please tell us detail size for the magnets you want, for irregular magnets, we need drawing confirmation, and tell us the magnetize direction for each magnet.

3, surface treatment of magnets: neodymium magnets are easy to be oxidized and rust, to prevent rust on the magnets, surface treatment is very important. Please make us clear of it when you ask magnets price or place the magnets order.

4, quantity for each ordered item: magnets price mainly decided by the quantity, to make reasonable offer, even good offer, please tell us the quantity for each item when you inquiry.

5, state of delivered products: most of customer want magnetized magnets, a few of magnet users just need unmagnetized magnets, so please let us clear of magnetized or not when you place magnets order.

6, Packing requirements: we usually provide standard package of magnet industry, but more and more magnets clients have their own packing requirements. Especially for big magnets, single package is widely demanded now. And some customers want special labels. We can meet customers’ different requirements on magnet package. You’d better let me know your demands of packing when place magnets order.

7, Delivery date & transportation requirements: the orders that we have suitable material can be shipped in one week, or it usually l take about 18 days. Of course, the delivery date must be agreed by each other. Just tell us when inquiry or place order if some magnets needed urgently, then we’ll try best to deliver it earlier. We also need to know the transportation method when pack the magnets.

Payment Policy: T/T, L/C, Western Union , Most of permanent magnetic material clients are used to T/T. It is convenient and easy. For constantly customers that keep good credit, we can provide them better payment terms. Sometimes western union used for the urgent payment(for example the purchase order of samples), the money can be received in the shortest time.

Canceling order Policy: All orders must be agreed and confirmed by each other before starting production, but some orders have to be canceled under special situation. Magnets are not standard products, all magnets made out are customers’ sizes. To avoid waste time and material, we hope customers cancel orders in 48 hours in written form.

Claim & Return Policy: Although we do many works to ensure customers get the order with good state, the packages occasionally broke on the way for air-shipping, the magnets may be damaged. We hope customers check the packages and goods carefully, and find out any problems in time and inform me. For the goods that not accepted which caused by our faults, please mention return request in one week after goods received.

Providing samples Policy: We are glad to provide any customer magnets & magnetics samples for testing. For the samples that we have in stock, it is free of charge. We provide maximum support on magnets samples for constant customers. For new customer, samples that not in stock are charged after accepting the magnets offer. We never afford the shipping cost for samples. Welcome any testing order & samples order.