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Neodymium Countersunk Magnets

Besides common shape—disc magnets, block magnets, cylinder magnets, ring magnets,countersunk magnets are also very important for daily life and production. Most of countersunk magnets /countersink magnets are just disc magnets with a countersunk hole. But sometimes block magnets with countersink hole are needed. The countersunk holes are suitable for screws to fix the powerful magnets onto another objects. So countersunk magnets are known as screw-on magnets. Neodymium countersunk magnets are neodymium magnets with countersunk hole for screw thread.We can make countersunk holes on both disc neodymium magnets and block neodymium magnets. And also make any countersunk magnets according to customer's design.

  • D8xd3.5/6x3mm neodymium countersunk magnets

    For neodymium countersunk magnets,they can provide stronger magnetic strength than the same size of ferrite countersunk magnets and smco countersunk magnets. The size of D8xd3.5/6x3mm neodymium counte...

  • Teflon coated neodymium countersunk magnets

    high-performance rare earth neodymium ring magnets with countersunk borehole and Teflon coating.Teflon(PTFE) coated neodymium countersunk magnets are high temperature resistance and low friction coefficient.

  • neodymium countersunk ring magnets

    D 20 x 5 mm disc neodymium magnets with M5 countersunk hole.

  • neodymium countersunk pot magnets

    Countersunk pot magnets assembled with countersunk ring magnets and steel cups, the gap are filled with epoxy glue or plastic ring. The steel cup guide the magnetic lines from one magnetic surface to...

  • D10xd3.4/7.5x5mm ring magnets for scew

    The ring magnets from this picture are made from neodymium-iron-boron material,from the point of shape,they are countersink magnets,while they are ring magnets for screw from the use point.The counter...

  • D10xd7.5/3.4x5mm countersunk neodymium magnets

    The strong magnets from this picture is D10xd7.5/3.4x5mm countersunk neodymium magnets with black epoxy coated. The countersunk magnets are made to suit for screw. With epoxy coated, the countersunk m...

  • D15xd4.5x3mm NdFeB countersink magnets

    The countersink magnets from this picture is D15xd4.5x3mm with M4 screw hole. They are made from NdFeB material. We can make NdFeB countersink magnets with precise size.Please not hesitate to send us ...

  • D15xd3.4/d7.5x3mm countersink strong magnets

    Strong magnets are usually refer neodymium magnets which can be machined into different special shape. Neodymium countersink magnets are known as countersink strong magnets.The countersink strong magnets are made to match screw. The counter bore on the pi

  • D20xd4.3/8.7x4mm powerful countersunk magnets

    D20xd4.3/8.7x4mm powerful countersunk magnets which made from neodymium for M4 screw.

  • D20xd5.5x10mm neodymium countersink magnets

    Countersink magnets are used with screw, they are common in neodymium magnets. We can produce neodymium countersink magnets with high size precision. The neodymium countersink magnets on the picture i...

  • D25xd9.6/4.5x5mm NdFeB countersunk magnet

    The strong ring magnets from this picture is D25xd9.6/4.5x5mm NdFeB countersunk magnets with NiCuNi coated. The countersunk magnets are made to suit for screw. With NiCuNi coated, the countersunk magn...

  • neodymium countersunk rings

    D27xd4.5/9.6x4mm high-performance neodymium countersunk rings

  • countersunk rare earth magnets

    D-30 x d-5.5 x 7 mm ring magnet with countersunk borehole for M-5 screw,which is made from high-performance rare earth neodymium magnetic material.

  • countersunk cup magnets

    Cup magnets have the simplest structure,but they are the most commonly used magnet assembly.The cup magnets with countersunk hole in the center of magnetic surface are known as countersunk cup magnets...

  • ferrite countersunk cup magnets

    Cup magnets are just assembled with magnets and steel cups by using epoxy glue,although they have the simplest structure,but are very widely used. Every shape of inner magnets and steel cups has a spe...