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Neodymium Cone Magnets

Neodymium Cone Magnets

As neodymium magnets used more and more widely, common shape (such as disc magnets, block magnets, ring magnets, cylinder magnets ) can not meet all magnet application anymore. For special situation, irregular shape magnets have to be made out. Cone magnet is a common irregular shape for neodymium magnets. In fact, cone magnets are just special round magnets/cylinder magnets.

Neodymium Cone Magnets for Sale

Neodymium Cone Magnets for Sale
  • neodymium cone magnets
    neodymium cone magnets
    D 25 x d 13 x 10 mm cone shape magnets made from neodymium magnetic material.
  • cone magnets neodymium
    cone magnets neodymium
    D 10 x d 5 x h 4 mm cone magnets made from high-performance neodymium material, and with Nickel plating.
  • neodymium magnet cones
    neodymium magnet cones
    D 20 x d 10 x 8 mm magnetic cones made from neodymium, and with Nickel coating.
  • D15xd8x6mm NdFeB cone magnets
    D15xd8x6mm NdFeB cone magnets
    As a kind of irregular magnets, cone magnets are used for high-tech products. The cone magnets on the pictures are made from NdFeB magnet material. The size is D15xd8x6mm, it is common size for NdFeB ...
  • cone neodymium magnets
    cone neodymium magnets
    D 25 x d 15 x 8 mm cone shaped neodymium magnets with N & S pole on the round surfaces

Applications of  Cone Magnets

The magnetic field lines of  NdFeB cone magnets are bundled on the small circular area, which makes the magnets very high holding force. The cone magnets are perfectly suitable for whiteboards, notice board and magnetic boards.
Neodymium Cone Magnets

Customized Cone Shaped Magnets

The processability of neodymium magnets material is good, it can be machined into different irregular shapes. Neodymium cone magnets are the cone magnets that made from neodymium magnetic material. With the advanced equipment, Meank magnetics is good at machining irregular shape neodymium magnets, we can process high quality cone shaped neodymium magnets which well evaluated by every client. Let us be your trusted cone neodymium magnets supplier.
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