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Rubber Magnetic Rolls

Rubber Magnetic Rolls

Category: rubber magnets/ flexible magnets

Advantages: can be made into complex shape without mechanical processing

Disadvantages: low magnetic energy and low working temperature

Product Description

Rubber magnets are compounded by the materials of ferrite magnetic powder and synthetic rubber, plastic, also called rubber plastic magnets. According to delivered status and type, we can supply rubber magnetic rolls, rubber magnetic sheets, rubber magnetic strips and rubber magnetic tapes.

Rubber magnetic rolls understood by the rubber magnets delivered as rolls.It divided into isotropic magnetic rolls and anisotropic magnetic rolls. The surface of rubber magnetic rolls can be made with PVC, coated paper, adhesive and lay over UV oil. The width of rubber magnetic rolls are usually over 5cm, and the thickness are usually 0.3mm-10mm or more. The length can be cut according to needs. It is flexible and can be crooked, so it also called flexible magnets rolls.


Rubber magnetic rolls are widely used as the material of outdoor advertising, fridge magnets, and can use as a broadcast sheet after printing.
The feature for rubber magnetic rolls is flexible and can be crooked.

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