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Ferrite Pot Magnets

Ferrite Pot Magnets

Pot magnets are steel housed permanent magnets,also called cup magnets,which are very useful permanent magnets assemblies, they are results of the development of magnets application, and play important roles in daily life. The most common cup magnets are ceramic cup magnets and neodymium cup magnets.They can be used as holding magnets,mounting magnets or magnetic holders, for example, some supermarket use ferrite pot magnets to hold product information board. Because of the usage and special structure, ferrite pot magnets also called as ferrite cup magnets, ferrite magnetic pots and ferrite magnetic chucks. The ferrite permanent magnets are fixed into the steel cups by glue, the steel cups cover the ferrite magnets and protect the ferrite magnets well. With the steel cup covered, the steel cups can transfer the magnetic line and make it into a magnetic circle. By this, the steel cup strengthens the magnets with more magnetic force, the magnetic strength of the ferrite magnet is more powerful.Then the magnetic strength of whole magnet assembly is much more than equivalent round magnets.The two parts combine and form a new magnetic system, which called ferrite pot magnets. With more powerful magnetism, the whole magnetic system can hold more weight than just magnets not fixed into the steel cups.

Our comapny, an experienced ferrite pot magnets supplier and manufacturer in China, we not only supply standard ferrite pot magnets types, but also make other customized types ferrite cup magnets. Our standard types of ferrite pot magnets for sale are all made from high-performance ferrite magnets, which have higher magnetic performance.

Compared with NdFeB pot magnets, ferrite/ceramic pot magnets have weaker magnetic force, but it can resistant higher temperature, and the price is cheaper than NdFeB pot magnets. If you are looking for reliable ferrite pot magnets manufacturer, please feel free to contact us.

Ferrite Pot Magnets for Sale

Ferrite Pot Magnets for Sale
  • Ferrite Countersunk Pot Magnets
    Ferrite Countersunk Pot Magnets
    Ferrite pot magnet with countersunk mounting hole is a solution of economic magnetic holder.The size of standard ferrite countersunk pot magnets various from D16mm to D63mm.
  • Ferrite Shallow Pot Magnets
    Ferrite Shallow Pot Magnets
    The ferrite shallow pot magnet is made by gluing ring shape ceramic magnet into a shallow steel pot.Which is also called as counterbore ferrite pot magnet. Such ferrite shallow pot magnets are widely used as holding mounting magnets.
  • Ferrite Flat Pot Magnets
    Ferrite Flat Pot Magnets
    Such flat pot magnets of ferrite is without any mounting hole and threaded stud.They are used for magnetic clamping. Due to low cost,ferrite & ceramic flat pot magnets are used when strong clamping force are not needed.
  • Internal (female) Threaded Ferrite Cup Magnets
    Internal (female) Threaded Ferrite Cup Magnets
    A disc ferrite magnet covered with a shallow steel cup with an internal or female threaded stud is known as internal&female threaded ferrite cup magnet.Internal thread ferrite cup magnets are used magnetic bases for ferrite magnetic hooks.
  • External(male)threaded Ferrite Pot Magnets
    External(male)threaded Ferrite Pot Magnets
    A disc ceramic magnet housed in a steel cup with a male threaded stud is named external or male threaded ferrite cup(pot) magnets. The magnetic pull force of standard external thread ceramic pot magnets various from 1kgs to 130kgs,
  • Flat Ferrite Pot Magnets with Internal(female)threaded Hole
    Flat Ferrite Pot Magnets with Internal(female)threaded Hole
    The flat ferrite pot magnet are assembled with a ring shape ceramic magnet and steel cup with a female threaded socket in the middle. NdFeB ring magnet can be adopted for stronger magnetic strength.

Types of Ferrite Pot Magnets

According to the actual application, ferrite pot magnets(cup magnets) can be made into different types, meank magnetics often make the following standard types of ferrite pot magnets for sale: 

1. Flat ferrite cup magnets that ferrite disc magnets fixed into flat steel cups by gluing, which known as mono pole magnets and used as clamping magnets.
2. Countersunk ferrite pot magnets that fix countersunk ceramic magnet into the steel cup with a hole in the center, which used as ferrite mounting magnets.
3. Ferrite shallow pot magnets that ring magnets fixed into the steel pot with a hole in the center, which used as holding magnets and mounting magnets.
4. External thread ferrite pot magnets that ferrite disc magnets fixed into the steel cups with an external threaded stud for mounting, which used as holding magnets and mounting magnets.
5. Internal threaded ferrite cup magnets that disc ferrite magnets fixed into the steel cups with female threaded bushing for hooks and rings, which also used as holding magnet.
6. Ferrite hook magnets(also called magnetic hooks) that twist a steel hook into the internal thread ferrite pot magnets, which use as ceiling magnets.The hooks can be closed or not, or just hand ring which called as eyelet ferrite pot magnets.

Application of Ferrite Pot Magnets

Ferrite pot magnets can be used as holding magnets, you can screw a ferrite pot magnet onto wall to hole metal tools.  Ferrite pot magnets can be found in supermarket as magnetic holder for product price plate.
Ferrite pot magnets are known as mounting magnets for different installation,  you can use ferrite pot magnets with threaded stud for cable mounting,ferrite pot magnets with threaded stem can be used to mount work lamp.
Ferrite pot magnets can be used as magnetic hooks for hanging,you can attach a ferrite magnetic hooks on door or fridge to hang some articles for daily use.

Ferrite Pot Magnets

Why You Choose Meank Magnetics' Ferrite Pot Magnet?

Because ferrite pot magnets are rust-proof and cheaper,they are used in many applications. Order ferrite pot magnets from Meank Magnetics for better deal:
We almost have all types of ferrite pot magnets for selection,you can surely get one type for your application.
We can deliver standard ferrite pot magnets with short lead time,save your time on long time waiting.
The steel cup of our ferrite pot magnets are made with high quality plating, which are more durable.
With professional engineer, reasonable magnetic solutions can be provided us for custom ferrite pot magnets.

FAQs about ferrite pot magnets

FAQs about ferrite pot magnets
  • Q.
    What is the difference between ferrite magnet and neodymium?

    The magnetic energy is different,neodymium magnet has high magnetic energy while ferrite magnet has lower magnetic energy.
    The prices is different, neodymium magnet is expensive and instable, ferrite magnet is cheaper.
    Ferrite magnet is rut-proof,surface treatment is not needed for it; neodymium magnet is easy to rust,  which need to made with plating.

  • Q.
    How does temperature affect ferrite magnets?

    Temperature mainly affects magnetic force, when the temperature exceeds the maximum working temperature, the magnet will demagnetize.

  • Q.
    What's the work temperature range of ferrite magnets manufactured by Meank Magnetics?

    The work temperature of ferrite magnets is range from -40℃ to 250 ℃. 

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