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Magnetic Catchers

Magnetic Catchers

Magnetic catcher is a kind of magnetic device consist of plastic case and magnets, it is an ideal magnetic tool for adsorbing, picking up and separating iron parts or impurities.Through controlling of the handle, the magnetic catchers can be made with or without magnetism.

Magnetic catchers are different from normal magnetic pick-up tools. Because of its large contact area, it is a powerful auxiliary magnetic tool for searching iron parts. It is used to connect loose materials of iron and steel, such as screws, nuts and small stamping parts in short distance process, moving and searching, and separating from other objects.Magnetic catchers can grab much small iron part at one time, so that save time and improve efficiency.With magnetic catchers, your hands no longer need to touch the metal part, and your hands will not be hurt by the sharp iron parts anymore.

The working principle of magnetic catchers: make the bottom of the magnetic catcher contact iron parts, the iron part will be attracted on the bottom by the strong magnetism, then place the magnetic catcher in a container and pull up the handle, so that the adsorbed iron parts are unloaded from the container.

The features of magnetic catchers: the search area is large, lightweight, convenient to operate, beautiful appearance, the working temperature is less than 80℃.

Application area of magnetic catchers: magnetic catchers are usually used to clean screws, nails and other small metal parts in workshops, or to separate iron parts from other materials. It is also an ideal magnetic tool for hardware shop.We have both rectangle magnetic catchers and round magnetic catchers available.
Magnetic Catchers
  • Rectangle Magnetic Catcher
    Rectangle Magnetic Catcher
    Rectangle magnetic catcher can pick up iron parts rapidly and safely,it is one kind of very useful magnetic tools.
  • Round Magnetic Catcher
    Round Magnetic Catcher
    Round magnetic catcher is easy to use,but the magnetic surface is smaller than rectangle magnetic catchers.
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