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Neodymium Tube Magnets

Neodymium Tube Magnets

Tube magnets are permanent magnets in a tube shape. The tubes made of magnetic material are called magnet tubes or magnetic tubes. It becomes to be a tube magnet when making a hole through the axial of a cylinder magnet.

The neodymium tube magnets(also known as tube neodymium magnets) are tube magnets that made from rare-earth neodymium magnetic material.  Also, neodymium tube magnets or NdFeB tube magnets are special neodymium ring magnets. Because the height of a neodymium tube magnets is usually longer than the out diameter. Meank Magnetics is good at machining tube neodymium magnets, with the advanced technique and equipment support, we can machine neodymium tube magnets with the thinnest wall thickness. We'll be reliable China tube neodymium magnets supplier.

  • teflon coated tube magnets
    teflon coated tube magnets
    Teflon coated tube magnets are used when health and environmental protection strictly demanded.With teflon coating on the tube magnets,they have many useful properties.
  • neodymium magnet tubes
    neodymium magnet tubes
    OD10xId4x15mm magnet tubes made from neodymium magnetic material
  • D10xd2x10mm neodymium tube magnets
    D10xd2x10mm neodymium tube magnets
    When the height of a ring magnets is larger than its diameter, the ring magnet also called as tube magnets. The neodymium tube magnets are axially magnetied, and measured D10xd2x10mm.
  • D28.5xd10x30mm super strong tube magnets
    D28.5xd10x30mm super strong tube magnets
    Tube magnets are special ring magnets, because the height is longer than diameter.The neodymium tube magnets on the pictures measured as D28.5xd10x30mm, which is big tube magnet.With the highest grade...
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