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Magnetic Carabiner Hooks

Magnetic Carabiner Hooks

Product Category: Magnetic Hooks/Hook Magnets

Product Name: Magnetic Carabiner Hooks

Advantage:wide range of usage occasion,hook is flexible

Available Size:  D25x8mm, D32x8mm, D36x8mm

Product Description

magnetic ceiling hooks magnetic carabiner hooks drawing
These magnetic carabiner hooks compose of steel shell and neodymium disc magnets. This design can be used for both horizontal surface and vertical surface. They are magnetic ceiling hooks when used on the horizontal surface.This hook design is reversible, so they are also reversible magnetic hooks.Their rotating hook hangs below the magnet assembly, allowing them to hang all kinds of objects on vertical metal surfaces.  Every magnetic carabiner hook contains a disc neodymium magnet, making them an excellent option for hanging jackets, keys or even small bags in a filing cabinet, refrigerator or other steel surfaces.

Besides of the magnets used for magnetic hooks, the hanging ability also depends on the material of the surface where the magnetic hooks attracted onto, also depends very much on the friction of the two surface. So that, it difficult to predict the magnetic force on any magnetic hooks.We just provide some reference holding force value in the table.
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