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NingBo BeiLun Meank Magnetics Co., Ltd
Wholesale Neodymium Magnets
We have a full range of permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies for sale. All the magnetic products have the advantages of high magnetic performance, nice appearance, and affordable price, which are used in many fields of industry and life.
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These magnetic products are frequently purchased by wholesalers or frequently-used products,all the magnetic products are of excellent quality, fair price and quick delivery.

About Meank
Aim to be the leader in the area of permanent magnetic material and magnets application, and to be a good China manufacturer & supplier of rare-earth neodymium magnets and magnetic assemblies. ​ Realize the sustainable growth and take up more market for NdFeB power magnets and it's applications.
The high property neodymium magnets produced by Meank Magnetics have stable performance and have been applied in various industries, including high-tech fields, Such as military, medical, energy, transportation,electronics, electroacoustic. Application products involve nuclear magnetic resonance, wind power generation, motors, automobiles, all kinds of home appliances, mobile phones and so on.
  • The Application of Rare Earth Magnetic Balls
    The automobile industry is one of the largest fields for the application of neodymium permanent magnets. Our rare earth neodymium magnets are used in many important parts of automobile, such as motors, sensor, speakers.
  • The Application of Rubber Magnets on Fridge Magnets
    By using neodymium magnets, the magnetic field intensity of nuclear magnetic resonance increased by double, and the image clarity also improved too much and saved raw magnetic materials. We provide around 20 tons neodymium magnets for nuclear magnetic resonance every year.
  • Application of NdFeB Magnetic Tiles on Brushless Motor
    Rare earth permanent magnets loudspeaker and headphone already used in the advanced personal stereo field. As electroacoustic component develops toward high definition and miniaturization, the higher property magnets are needed in this field, our SH-series neodymium magnet material already got widely used.
  • The Applications of Single Pole Magnets/Mono Pole Magnets
    Rare-earth magnets application for micro-special motors: For Japan, VCM application takes up about 50% of rare earth permanent magnet. For America,rare-earth permanent magnets are largely applied in the motors for the field of spaceflight, military project, automobile, computer number control, etc.  For Europe, rare-earth magnets mostly used in computer number controls.
  • The Application Of Rare-Earth Permanent Magnets
    Rubber magnets are used to make fridge sticker. We make 5 million pieces rubber magnet fridge stickers every year, including PVC flexible rubber fridge magnets and copperplate paper printing fridge magnets.
  • The Application of AlNiCo Magnets on Teaching Magnets/Educational Magnets
    Neodymium sphere magnets(balls) are used as magnetic magic & educational toys. We supply 1.5 million sets different colors neocube magnet ball toys for toy market.
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