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Neodymium Blocks/Rectangle Magnets

Block magnets can be called as magnet blocks, rectangle magnets,rectangular magnets and square magnets. Neodymium block magnets are made from bigger NdFeB magnets blocks by cutting processing. Block neodymium magnets or neodymium square magnets are expressed by length, width, and height. There are three directions to magnetize for a neodymium block magnets, but they usually magnetized through height. So when you order  block neodymium magnets, please clearly tell us the magnetized direction. We have wide size range of neodymium block magnets for sale.The smallest dimension we made is 1mm and the largest dimension we made is 203.2mm(8”). The largest magnetized direction we made is 2”.

Square NdFeB magnets(block NdFeB magnets) is a very popular shape, it can be used for the magnetic separator, electrical motor, permanent magnetic generators. To make NdFeB block magnets used more widely, countersunk(countersink) holes can be made on it. And rubber coated neodymium block magnets can be made. Welcome you to send your inquiry of any neodymium block magnets,we'll be your best China supplier for neodymium rectangular/square/block magnets.