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Strong Magnets

Strong Magnets

Magnetic material are used as a certain shape. Base on different application requirement, these types of magnets often made out -- disc magnets/magnet discs, block magnets/rectangle magnets/ square magnets/magnet blocks, ring magnets/magnetic rings , cylinder magnets/rod magnets,countersunk magnets,cone magnets and arc magnets. Above shapes are basic shapes for magnetic material of neodymium,ferrite and SmCo. We have wide size range for each types of neodymium magnets for sale.

Strong Magnets for Sale

Strong Magnets for Sale
  • Neodymium Disc Magnets
    Neodymium Disc Magnets
    disc neodymium magnets/disc NdFeB magnets/ neodymium magnet discs/ NdFeB disc magnets
  • Neodymium Blocks/Rectangle Magnets
    Neodymium Blocks/Rectangle Magnets
    Neodymium block/rectangle magnets also called as square/rectangular NdFeB magnets and NdFeB magnet blocks
  • Neodymium Ring Magnets
    Neodymium Ring Magnets
    Ring magnets means the magnets that in ring shape,someone call them magnet rings. Ring magnet is one of the common type for permanent magnets.The neodymium ring magnets (neodymium magnetic rings) are ...
  • Neodymium Cylinder/Rod Magnets
    Neodymium Cylinder/Rod Magnets
    Cylinder magnets express the same mean of rod magnets and magnetic rods.The neodymium cylinder magnets can be also called as neodymium rod magnets,they are cylinder magnets that made from rare-earth n...
  • Neodymium Cube Magnets
    Neodymium Cube Magnets
    Cube magnets(also known as cubic magnets) are special block magnets, which have the same sizes for length,width and height. They also also called as magnet cube blocks. The neodymium cube magnets are cube magnets that made from neodymium magn...
  • Neodymium Ball/Sphere Magnets
    Neodymium Ball/Sphere Magnets
    Sphere magnets are permanent magnet balls or magnetic balls. No matter ball magnet or sphere magnet,they just tell us the same shape for a permanent magnet.The neodymium ball magnets/neodymium sphere ...
  • Neodymium Countersunk Magnets
    Neodymium Countersunk Magnets
    Beside s of common shape—disc magnets, block magnets, cylinder magnets, ring magnets, neodymium countersunk magnets are also very important for daily life. Most of countersunk magnets /countersink ma...
  • Neodymium Tube Magnets
    Neodymium Tube Magnets
    Tube magnets are permanent magnets in tube shape. The tubes made of magnetic material are called magnet tubes of magnetic tubes. It becomes to be a tube magnet when make a hole through the axial of a ...
  • Neodymium Cone Magnets
    Neodymium Cone Magnets
    As neodymium magnets used more and more widely, common shape (such as disc magnets, block magnets, ring magnets, cylinder magnets ) can not meet all magnet application any more. For special situation,...
  • Neodymium Arc/Segment Magnets
    Neodymium Arc/Segment Magnets
    Neodymium arc magnets are special shape of rare earth permanent magnets. This type of super power magnets are always made via wire cutting and grinding etc. Regular arc magnets or segment magnets have...
  • Plastic Coated Magnets
    Plastic Coated Magnets
    To realize the better effect of waterproof and resist abrasion, meank magnetics also developed out plastic coated magnets or plastic wrapped magnets. That is make neodymium magnets with plastic coated...
  • Adhesive Magnets
    Adhesive Magnets
    Adhesive magnets are used more and more in daily life. Someone ask what is adhesive magnet? Adhesive has not magnetism itself. Adhesive magnet(magnet with adhesive) is just magnet magnet with a 3M adh...

Different Types of Strong Permanent Magnets

NdFeB magnets divided into sintered and bonded types.Sintered neodymium-iron-boron(NdFeB) has the highest magnetic energy product,and known as the strongest permanent magnet.

Strong magnets can be SmCo material which known as rare earth magnets,when the working temperature is above 180 , its maximum magnetic energy product (BHmax), coercivity, temperature stability and chemical stability are better than those of NdFeB magnets.The maximum energy product (BHmax) of SmCo magnets ranges from 16 MGOe to 32 MGOe, and its theoretical limit is 34 MGOe

The magnetic energy product of ferrite(ceramic) magnet is much lower than that of NdFeB and SmCo,but big ferrite magnets that have powerful magnetism are also called strong magnets.

Besides above magnetic material,some permanent magnetic assemblies(such as pot magnets,fishing magnets,hook magnets) are also called strong magnets.

Here we just introduce some common shapes of neodymium strong magnets, and mainly for sintered neodymium magnets.Because of the high machinability, it can be machined into different shapes and very wide size range is available for each shape. Besides of disc,cylinder,ring and block, neodymium magnets can be machined into some special shapes, for example, countersunk neodymium magnets, sphere neodymium magnets/magnetic balls, neodymium cone magnets, neodymium arc&segment magnets, and neodymium convex magnets.

How to estimate permanent strong magnets qualified or not?
Estimate strong magnets qualified or not, mainly decided by these aspects:

Magnetic performance & property:magnetic performance of permanent strong magnet depends on the formulation,which mainly include remanence,coercivity and magnetic energy product.Magnetic properties are the most important aspect for a magnets and need professional instrument testing.

Tolerance of the magnets:the tolerance accuracy decided by the machine ability of a factory. The machining equipment keeps updated as market needs. Efficient devices and automation trend of industrial processing, not only meet the need of increasing magnets accuracy but also save the manpower and cost.

Appearance of the magnets:appearance evaluation firstly depends on whether there are defects in electroplating;secondly, see if there is a lack of angle in the magnets.

Strong Magnets

Common Machining Methods of Strong Neodymium Magnets 

Grinding machining:For sintered NdFeB magnets,grinding machine needed for the surface of rough delivered magnets. Common used grinding machine methods for block NdFeB magnets are plane grinding, two end face grinding, inner circle grinding, out circle grinding.  Cylinder NdFeB magnets adopt coreless grinding and two end plane grinding. Irregular magnets(arc magnets and segment magnets) adopt multi-station grinding.

Drilling machining: processing cylinder magnets and block magnets into round tube magnets and block magnet tubes.

Cutting machining: processing round magnet rod and magnet blocks into round magnet discs and square magnet discs.

Profile machining: processing rod magnets and rectangle magnets into arc magnets, segment magnets, cone magnets, countersunk magnets, convex magnets, ball magnets and other complex shape magnets.
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