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Permanent Magnets

Under this contents, we introduce each kind of magnetic material more intuitive. We know that any magnetic material must work for people as a certain shape of the magnet. Base on different application requirement, these types of magnets often made out -- disc magnets/magnet discs, block magnets/rectangle magnets/ square magnets/magnet blocks, ring magnets/magnetic rings , round magnets/cylinder magnets/rod magnets.  Above shapes are basic shape for each kind of magnetic material.We have wide size range of neodymium magnets for sale.

Here we just introduce some common shapes of permanent magnets, and mainly for neodymium magnets. For sintered neodymium magnets, because of the high machinability, it can be machined into different shapes and very wide size range for each shape. Besides of the mentioned types, neodymium magnets can be machined into some special types, for example, countersunk magnets, sphere magnets/magnetic balls, cone magnets, arc magnets, segment magnets, convex magnets.

For practical application, the shape and property of NdFeB magnets are diversified, different types magnets need different machine methods, the common processing methods are cutting, drilling, grinding.

For sintered NdFeB magnets, the surface requires smooth and high accuracy, grinding machine needed for the surface of rough delivered magnets. Common used grinding machine method for block NdFeB magnets are plane grinding, two end face grinding, inner circle grinding, out circle grinding.  Cylinder magnets adopt coreless grinding and two end plane grinding. Irregular magnets(arc magnets and segment magnets) adopt multi-station grinding.

Estimate a magnets qualified or not, not only need the magnetic property qualified, magnets size and tolerance also affect the performance and application of a magnet. The tolerance accuracy decided by the machine ability of a factory. The machining equipment keeps updated as market needs. Efficient devices and automation trend of industrial processing, not only meet the need of increasing magnets accuracy but also save the manpower and cost. Make the magnets products have more market competitive power.

Common magnets machining:

1. drilling machining: processing cylinder magnets and block magnets into round tube magnets and block magnet tubes.
2. cutting machining: processing round magnet rod and magnet blocks into round magnet discs and square magnet discs.
3. profile machining: processing rod magnets and rectangle magnets into arc magnets, segment magnets, cone magnets, countersunk magnets, convex magnets, ball magnets and other complex shape magnets.

  • Neodymium Disc Magnets

    disc neodymium magnets/disc NdFeB magnets/ neodymium magnet discs/ NdFeB disc magnets

  • Neodymium Blocks/Rectangle Magnets

    Neodymium block/rectangle magnets also called as square/rectangular NdFeB magnets and NdFeB magnet blocks

  • Neodymium Ring Magnets

    Ring magnets means the magnets that in ring shape,someone call them magnet rings. Ring magnet is one of the common type for permanent magnets.The neodymium ring magnets (neodymium magnetic rings) are ...

  • Neodymium Cylinder/Rod Magnets

    Cylinder magnets express the same mean of rod magnets and magnetic rods.The neodymium cylinder magnets can be also called as neodymium rod magnets,they are cylinder magnets that made from rare-earth n...

  • Neodymium Cube Magnets

    Cube magnets(also known as cubic magnets) are special block magnets, which have the same sizes for length,width and height. They also also called as magnet cube blocks. The neodymium cube magnets are cube magnets that made from neodymium magn...

  • Neodymium Ball/Sphere Magnets

    Sphere magnets are permanent magnet balls or magnetic balls. No matter ball magnet or sphere magnet,they just tell us the same shape for a permanent magnet.The neodymium ball magnets/neodymium sphere ...

  • Neodymium Countersunk Magnets

    Beside s of common shape—disc magnets, block magnets, cylinder magnets, ring magnets, neodymium countersunk magnets are also very important for daily life. Most of countersunk magnets /countersink ma...

  • Neodymium Tube Magnets

    Tube magnets are permanent magnets in tube shape. The tubes made of magnetic material are called magnet tubes of magnetic tubes. It becomes to be a tube magnet when make a hole through the axial of a ...

  • Neodymium Cone Magnets

    As neodymium magnets used more and more widely, common shape (such as disc magnets, block magnets, ring magnets, cylinder magnets ) can not meet all magnet application any more. For special situation,...

  • Neodymium Arc/Segment Magnets

    Neodymium arc magnets are special shape of rare earth permanent magnets. This type of super power magnets are always made via wire cutting and grinding etc. Regular arc magnets or segment magnets have...

  • Plastic Coated Magnets

    To realize the better effect of waterproof and resist abrasion, meank magnetics also developed out plastic coated magnets or plastic wrapped magnets. That is make neodymium magnets with plastic coated...

  • Adhesive Magnets

    Adhesive magnets are used more and more in daily life. Someone ask what is adhesive magnet? Adhesive has not magnetism itself. Adhesive magnet(magnet with adhesive) is just magnet magnet with a 3M adh...

  • Mono-Pole Magnets

    Mono-pole magnets(also called as single pole magnets) are the magnets that only one surface have magnetism,the other surface just have very weak magnetism. We all know there are at least two poles for...

  • PVC Magnetic Button(sewing magnets)

    pvc magnetic button/pvc waterproof neodymium magnetic button/invisble magnetic button

  • Magnetic Clasps

    Magnetic clasps are made of neodymium magnets, it includes two pieces of neo magnets, and there is cylindrical bore hole in the center of each magnets, the neo magnets have to be used in pair with opp...

  • Rubber Coated Magnets

    The application of permanent magnets is more widely day by day, especially neodymium (NdFeB) strong magnets. It is more and more used in moist environment, evenly work under different liquid for long-...