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Rubber Coated Magnets

The application of permanent magnets is more widely day by day, especially neodymium (NdFeB) strong magnets. It is more and more used in the moist environment, evenly work under different liquid for long-term. Which have strict requirements of resist corrupt ability on the neodymium magnets. Common electroplating on magnet can not meet the demand. To solve the problem, meank magnetics developed rubber coated magnets, which also called as rubber wrapped magnets. At present, rubber coated magnets are just made with neodymium magnets, so called as rubber coated neodymium magnets or rubber coated NdFeB magnets. The rubber coat can keep apart the neodymium strong magnets from the liquid, give the magnet longer working life. The surface of rubber coated magnets is a bit soft. Because of the strong ability to resist abrasion, rubber coated magnets are used as waterproof magnets. Although it's waterproof property is good, its ability of resist abrasion is not so good, it is easily broken under certain situation. As a professional rubber coated magnets producer, we can provide customers broad sizes range for choosing on rubber coated neodymium magnets.