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FAQs about ferrite pot magnets

  • 1
    What is the difference between ferrite magnet and neodymium?

    The magnetic energy is different,neodymium magnet has high magnetic energy while ferrite magnet has lower magnetic energy.
    The prices is different, neodymium magnet is expensive and instable, ferrite magnet is cheaper.
    Ferrite magnet is rut-proof,surface treatment is not needed for it; neodymium magnet is easy to rust,  which need to made with plating.

  • 2
    How does temperature affect ferrite magnets?

    Temperature mainly affects magnetic force, when the temperature exceeds the maximum working temperature, the magnet will demagnetize.

  • 3
    What's the work temperature range of ferrite magnets manufactured by Meank Magnetics?

    The work temperature of ferrite magnets is range from -40℃ to 250 ℃.