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Plastic Coated Magnets

Plastic coated magnets also called as plastic covered magnets or plastic wrapped magnets.They are made to realize the better effect of waterproof and resist abrasion.Plastic coated magnets (plastic covered magnets)are the best waterproof magnets. Compared with rubber coated magnets, there are more colors available for plastic coated magnets. So plastic coated magnets look more beautiful than rubber coated magnets. Meank magnetics also opened some moulds for plastic coated neodymium magnets.The plastic coat is hard and not easy to broke, it can protect the inside neodymium magnets better from damage. So plastic coated magnets are also known as unbreakable plastic coated magnets. Today, Meank magnetics can bulk produce plastic coated neodymium magnets, our plastic coated neodymium magnets are available on plastic coated disc magnets, plastic coated block magnets, plastic coated ring magnets and plastic coated magnet with countersunk hole..... all the plastic covered magnets are highly appraised by all customers. As professional plastic coated  neodymium magnets producer, we now have broad sizes range for plastic coated neodymium magnets.We wish to supply plastic coated neodymium magnets(plastic wrapped neodymium magnets) to more and more clients. And to be their first choice of plastic covered/coated magnets supplier. Here,we show some standard and stocked size of plastic coated neodymium magnets for sale.