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Magnetic Toys

For kids/children, the most important is playing. For parents, they all wish their children learn a little when playing. Then kinds of intelligence toys developed and sold on the market.

Among the intelligence toys, building block toys are liked by most of parents and kids, which are the first choice. With the developing of building block toys, magnetic toys(the following called magnetic educational toys) sold more and more these years.

The playability and plasticity of magnetic toys are very powerful, especially have obvious advantages on developing children ability of thinking, imagination, and construction ability. So educational magnetic toys loved by more and more parents.

Meank Magnetics makes these kinds of magnetic toys: DIY magnetic panel toys, DIY magnetic stick toys, and DIY magnetic neocube toys. All the magnetic toys have good market performance, welcome your inquiry and orders.

The principle of buying magnetic toys:
Although magnetic toys are no of toxicity, not all magnetic toys have no harm to kids. There are some kids swallow the magnetic balls and magnetic sticks. Some even die from it. So please must pay attention to choose magnetic toys for your kids.

Children that under 3 years not buy and play magnetic sticks, magnetic balls. It's too dangerous for little children. Some magnetic building panels also contain mini magnetic parts which not suit for the kids under 3 years. For them, the length of single piece should not smaller than 32mm. Please choose bigger magnetic construction toys for little children(under 3 years).


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