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Magnetic Neocube

Magnetic Neocube

Background of Neocube Magnet for Sale

At the beginning, magnetic neocube are interesting neodymium magnets toy developed for adults, the magnetic power of magnetic neocube toys is very strong. Some adult player played the small magnetic balls as different patterns. But these years, because of the good market performance of the neodymium magnets toy, it attracted more and more kids preference.
On the market, magnetic neocube toys are just 216pcs of small neodymium magnetic balls. The diameter of the magnetic ball is usually 5mm, packed in small round tin box. The magnetic balls can be made into different colors for choosing.

Introduction of Neocube Magnets

The magnetic ball magic cube consists of 216 highly performance rare earth magnets (usually 5 mm in diameter), each magnet ball has north pole and south pole. The material for magnetic ball cube is neodymium magnets, so that it also called neocube magnets.
You can use the magnetic ball cube to form countless shapes, some you may not know how to call them, because you will be the first in history who created it. The neocube magnets can give you hours of entertainment, that means the magnetic balls have strong attraction to attract you to play magnetic magic cube again. When you are satisfied with the formed shape or want to start creating other shapes, you simply need to return it to each  magnetic ball. then you can try to re create more other shapes with the magnet balls. You can spend a lifetime trying to create a variety of different types of shapes. And the rare earth magnetic balls have good gloss, not easy fade and so on, which can used as magnetic jewelry, such as magnetic necklace, magnetic bracelet and magnetic ring and so on.

Functions of the Magnetic Neocube for Sale

As a kind of intelligence toy, the magnetic ball magic cube (also called magnetic ball puzzle cube ) have educational function. And have multifaceted effect on teaching.
Simply speaking, you can improve in geometry and mathematics intuitive perception through playing the magnetic ball cube. You are able to learn with the magnetic ball cube as an educational tool and combine textbook, which can better understand geometric knowledge through the two aspects of theory and practice . Due to the geometrical need strong space imagination ability, so use the neocube magnets as a teaching tool can effectively improve the geometric grades.

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