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PVC Magnetic Button(sewing magnets)

The magnetic buttons(also called as button magnets) are made of thin neodymium magnets and steel cover,then sealed in soft PVC. The rare earth neodymium magnets provide the maximum magnetic strength.The steel cover are mostly made with Zn-plated to make it durable in wet condition.
The magnetic button usually used in pairs as clothes magnets, blanket magnet,bag magnet etc. So they are known as sewing magnets or sew in magnets.To make the magnetic button waterproof and sew-able,we make PVC coat on the magnetic button surface.That is the PVC magnetic button,this kind magnetic buttons are different from normal button magnet,they are hidden in the products where it's used,and you can not see it outside.So it is hidden magnetic button or invisible magnetic button.
By using the hidden PVC magnetic button, the appearance of application products can not be affected. Meank magnetic are professional China PVC magnetic button producer.We not only have wide size range for the waterproof magnetic button,but also can make new size according to customers' needs.
There are two advantages of our PVC magnetic button(PVC waterproof magnets, waterproof sewing magnets):one is the strongest magnetic force,because we use standard neodymium magnet material which assure the performance of the hidden magnetic button. the other  one is durable than other's,we only use the high quality PVC,so that our PVC magnetic button are sew-able and washable.The PVC coats can not broken easily.