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Ferrite Pot Magnets

Pot magnets are the very useful permanent magnets assemblies, they are results of the development of magnets application, and play important roles in daily life. They can be used as holding magnets or magnetic holders, for example, some supermarket use ferrite pot magnets to hold product information board. Because of the usage and special structure, ferrite pot magnets also called as ferrite cup magnets, ferrite magnetic pots and ferrite magnetic chucks. The ferrite permanent magnets are fixed into the steel cups by glue, the steel cups cover the ferrite magnets and protect the ferrite magnets well. With the steel cup covered, the steel cups can transfer the magnetic line and make it into a magnetic circle. By this, the steel cup strengthens the magnets with more magnetic force, the magnetic strength of the ferrite magnet is more powerful.Then the magnetic strength of whole magnet assembly is much more than equivalent round magnets.The two parts combine and form a new magnetic system, which called ferrite pot magnets. With more powerful magnetism, the whole magnetic system can hold more weight than just magnets not fixed into the steel cups.

According to the actual application, ferrite pot magnets can be made into different types, meank magnetics often make the following types of ferrite pot magnets:
1. Round base pot magnets that disc magnets fixed into flat steel cups by glue, which used as mono pole magnets.
2. Countersunk ferrite pot magnets that fix countersunk ferrite magnet into the steel cup with a hole in the center, which used as base magnets/magnetic bases.
3. Shallow pot magnets that ring magnets fixed into the steel pot with a hole in the center, which used as a magnetic holder.
4. External thread pot magnets that ferrite disc magnets fixed into the steel cups with an external thread for a screw, which used as holding magnets.
5. Internal thread pot magnets that disc ferrite magnets fixed into the steel cups with the internally threaded hole for hooks and rings, which also used as holding the magnet.
6. Hook magnets(also called magnetic hooks) that twist a steel hook into the internal thread ferrite pot magnets, which use as ceiling magnets.The hooks can be closed or not, or just hand ring which called as eyelet ferrite pot magnets with.

Above types are just standard ferrite pot magnets types we make, we can also make other customized types.Our standard types of ferrite pot magnets are all made from high-performance ferrite magnets.Which have good market performance?

Compared with NdFeB pot magnets, ferrite/ceramic pot magnets have weaker magnetic force, but it can resistant higher temperature, and the price is cheaper than NdFeB magnets.

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