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Components Of SDM Pot Magnets

SDM pot magnets have not only a strong attraction, but also have excellent ability of field projection when working directly with the workpiece.

The neodymium in these pot magnets has high working temperature and coercivity. We can also use it to make samarium cobalt and stainless steel shells and shields. All of our rust steel pot magnets for sale which contain aluminum, nickel, cobalt and neodymium are I class or II food grade devices.

Features of pot magnets:

Small size, powerful function.

The strong magnetic force is concentrated only on the side of the pot, and almost no magnetism on the other three surfaces, so the magnet is not easily broken.

Its magnetic force is five times that of the same volume magnet.

The pan magnet can suck on or move freely on the surface of the metal.

It is a permanent magnet and has long service life.

Application of pot magnets:

Pot magnets are widely used in industrial and living fields, such as workshop, factory, warehouse, office and so on.
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Components Of SDM Pot Magnets
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