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The Prospect of Rare-Earth Permanent Magnets

At present, China is the largest rare earth permanent magnets producing base of the world. It is also potential application market for rare earth permanent magnets. China has abundant rare-earth resource, lower labor cost and vast market,so foreign NdFeB magnets manufacturers moved into China step by step. China will sure be world class supply base of rare earth permanent magnets. Foreign advanced NdFeB permanent magnetic material manufacturers enter China, one aspect bring challenge to China rare earth permanent magnets enterprises , another aspect also bring advanced technique and management experience to China, thus further drive the development of China rare earth magnets industry.

One side, we should continue to strengthen the explore on new type rare earth permanent magnet material, strengthen the development on high-end rare earth permanent magnetic materials, and make China rare earth permanent magnetic material continue develop. On the other side, our rare earth magnets manufacturers should strengthen integration themselves, keep improving management level and technique standard, keep active position when rare earth industry moving into China. Through strengthen cooperation with foreign advanced rare earth magnets enterprises, mutual benefit, make rare-earth magnetic industry better root in China, so that China rare-earth magnets industry serve global better.

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