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The demand for rare earth permanent magnet materials is growing rapidly in the emerging field,the pr

Under the trend of energy saving and environmental protection, the growing demand for high-end rare earth permanent magnet materials, such as wind power generation, frequency conversion appliances, energy saving elevators and new energy vehicles, has become a new growth point for rare earth magnet materials industry

In recent years, our government initiatives simultaneously strengthen the management of rare earth, including mining, production, processing, and other aspects, rare earth price tends to be reasonable. The cost of raw materials of rare earth pressure gets ease for rare earth NdFeB magnets production enterprises, industry return to steady growth.

Rare earth magnets are widely used, such as a motor, magnetic separator, a magnetic device, sensors, and high technology, national defense and other fields. In addition, the application scope of rare earth magnets also continue to expand, the geophone, permanent magnetic iron removing the device, magnetic permeability drug application, electric vehicles and other fields have made great progress.

Specifically, sintered NdFeB magnets are mostly for electric sound and audio applications, accounted for 32% of the motor and sensor; secondly, the proportion reached 31%; after the motor magnets ranks and sensors, accounted for 21%; in addition, the magnetic coupling and magnetic separator 9%, voice coil motor and other electric meter accounted for 5%. 2%.

The production and application of bonded NdFeB magnets are late, and its application scope is not large, mainly in the computer field, accounting for 62%, and other electronic industries, office automation equipment, automobiles, appliances and another small amount.

In comparison, NdFeB magnets are widely used, among them, the most important application areas are voice coil motor VCM., in addition, the motor, engine applications are also more, the automotive industry's demand for NdFeB magnets has also increased

The expansion of the application field of rare earth magnets materials(including neodymium magnet and SmCo magnets), has led to the continuous growth in the scale of production. According to the prospective industry Research Institute released the "China rare earth permanent magnet materials industry market outlook and investment strategy planning analysis report" data show that in 2001, China's rare earth permanent magnet materials production scale is less than 10 thousand tons, to 2013, the scale of production has reached 9.43 tons, an increase of nearly 10 times.

At the same time, there have been nearly 10 rare earth magnets enterprise groups with over 100 million yuan production and sales, as well as more than 10 hundred electronic component enterprises, and more than 20 enterprises exporting more than US $100 million, which shows that the development of rare earth permanent magnet material industry is fast.

However, with the continuous increase of rare earth permanent magnet material, smuggling and environmental problems have become increasingly prominent, the lack of concentration of industry has become a barrier. Therefore, rare earth permanent magnet material may set off a reshuffle tide, so as to enhance concentration.

In general, rare earth permanent magnet materials demand is vigorous. Especially the economic structure of our country is facing adjustment, low carbon industry has a huge demand for rare earth permanent magnet materials, the focus will be on the new energy vehicles, high power fan and energy efficient motors and other fields.

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