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The Innovative Technology And Sustainable Development Of Strong Magnetic Bars Industry

With the improvement of people's life, science and technology are paid more and more attention by people, as a kind of new energy, magnetic force is widely used in various fields, play an important role, the strong magnetic bars manufacturers are developing continuously, the magnetic technology also continuous develops.

With the progress of science and technology, rare earth permanent magnet materials not only for the application of computer, automobile, instrument, instrument, household appliances, petrochemical, medical and health care, a variety of micro motor aerospace and other industries, as well as MRI equipment, electrical parts, magnetic separation equipment, magnetic machinery, equipment and other magnetic components producing strong magnetic field. But also used in the high-end rare earth permanent magnet materials demand structure, wind power, new energy vehicles, energy efficient motor are the three major growth points of rare earth permanent magnet materials.The innovative technology of strong magnetic bars industry are sustainable developing.

At present, the main production in domestic is RCY type suspension type permanent magnetic separators, and can be divided into ordinary permanent magnetic separators and super strong permanent magnetic separators, its uses and characteristics are as follows: ordinary permanent magnetic separators use: the machine can be used with various types of conveyor belt, vibration conveyor or chute supporting, can remove ferromagnetic debris movement in material, in order to achieve purification materials, improve the grade of material or equipment protection procedure.

Computer simulation of magnetic circuit, unique structure design of magnetic poles, ensure the suspension at the height of the magnetic field reaches the rated value or super abroad, magnetic adsorption, ensure that there is sufficient time absorbing ferromagnetic material.

To ensure the stable magnetic field, in the harsh environment of permanent magnetic cores in eight years decreased less than 5%; the whole structure is compact and reasonable, without excitation series power, without cooling system, belt with automatic correction function, special sealing shaft seat, to adapt to the harsh environment, can automatically remove the iron impurities adsorption, can guarantee the long-term the failure free operation.

There are explosion-proof and non explosion-proof two types available for drive motor. All technical indicators are in line with the standard, known as the ordinary permanent magnet iron remover.

In short, under the low carbon economy global trend, all countries in the world in the treat environmental protection, low carbon emissions as a key technology field and pay attention on them. Which provide a broad market space for the development of wind power, new energy vehicles,energy-saving appliances and low carbon economy industrial.

China will continue to strengthen the exploration of new type rare earth permanent magnet materials, strengthen the development of high-grade rare earth permanent magnet materials and related production technology and equipment; in some key technology, strengthening the combination of production and study, give full play to the comprehensive advantages of production, talent and technology aspects, to achieve substantial breakthroughs, make China's rare earth permanent magnetic material industry to keep sustainable development.

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The Innovative Technology And Sustainable Development Of Strong Magnetic Bars Industry
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