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How to distinguish bonded NdFeB magnets and sintered NdFeB magnet?

Neodymium magnets can be called NdFeB magnets, which can be called by a joint name of strong magnets,its chemical formula is Nd2Fe14B, it is a kind of artificial permanent magnet which has the strongest magnetic force so far. The material grade of NdFeB magnets include N35-N52. According to the specific requirements of application ,NdFeB magnet can be processed into different shapes such as round NdFeB magnets,square NdFeB magnets, punch, NdFeB magnetic tile, NdFeB magnetic bar, convex NdFeB magnets or trapezoid NdFeB magnets..

How to distinguish bonded NdFeB and sintered NdFeB?  In fact, both bonded NdFeB magnet and sintered NdFeB magnet are belong to the NdFeB.  The distinction of the two magnets is in accordance with the difference of production process. Bonded NdFeB is actually molded by injection molding,while sintered NdFeB magnet is made out by high-temperature heating and molding in vacuum.

Because bonded NdFeB magnets are made through injection molding, thus containing adhesive, the density generally is only eighty percent of theoretically. And sintered NdFeB magnets are made through high-temperature heating process of the complex. The magnetism of bonded NdFeB magnets attenuation about thirty percent compared sintered NdFeB magnets.

Sintered NdFeB magnets are anisotropic magnets produced by powder sintering method. Only produce blank magnets through sintering, the various shapes of neodymium magnets have to be made through machining(such as cutting, slicing, grinding, milling etc). Sintered neodymium magnets are hard and brittle,which is difficult to be processed. During processing, consumption is large, processing cost is high, dimensional accuracy is relatively poor and poor corrosion resistance is poor,  and electroplating needed for the surface. But sintered neodymium magnets have the advantages of high performance, the energy produced can be over 52M.

Combined, the magnetism of bonded NdFeB magnets are only 5% of sintered NdFeB magnets. The magnetic energy of sintered NdFeB magnets can reach more than 52M, while the energy of bonded neodymium magnets are generally below 10M, the best performance is only 12M. The property of magnetic powder used on the bonded magnet is generally 15M, and only about 10.5M after made into bonded magnets. so the application range of sintered NdFeB is broader than bonded NdFeB.

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