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Applications of Neodymium Cube Magnets in Medical and Industrial Areas

Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a new technology applied in the 1980s which can
take pictures of different angles of human internal tissues, therefore, it is helpful to determine the nature and shape of the lesions by forming stereoscopic images. In the past, it used superconducting magnets the shortcomings of which are high cost and operating cost. If using ferrite permanent magnet, a nuclear magnetic resonance meter requires 100 tons of ferrite permanent magnet, while using neodymium ferroboron permanent magnet, we only need 0.5 tons per set. If the future world market demand 10,000 sets per year, the amount of magnets reaches 5,000 tons.

Now, in the industrialized countries of the United States and Europe, due to production automation, the automobile industry has fully realized the demand for medium and small batch flexible production of multiple varieties, using machine tools constantly increasing. In many countries, the automobile and flight industry has also developed ilike this way. According to preliminary statistics, at present, there are about 14 million machine beds in the world of which the ratio of NC machine tool and machine tool total capacity is about 7.1%. About 1.5 million machine tools are produced worldwide, among which 200,000 are produced by NC machine tools, of which the proportion is about 13.3%. If calculated according to the average 2.5 coordinates of each NC machine tool, the number of coordinates is 500,000 and 80% adopt dc permanent magnet motor control. While ac motor is unable to meet the requirements of small volume, this undoubtedly opens up a wide application market for ndfeb permanent magnet, especially  bonding ndfeb permanent magnet, which is the ideal magnetic material for NC machine tool motor. Because the application temperature of NC machine tool is not high and other conditions are good. The wall of bonding ndfeb permanent magnetic is like a ring, and is axial orientation. It can be multistage magnetization, no matter injection molding or compression molding, the size can be accurate. It also has the characteristic of uniform magnetic field distribution.

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