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Adhesive Backed Disc Magnets

Adhesive Backed Dics Magnets
Neodymium (rare earth) or NdFeB adhesive backed disc magnets are round coin-shaped magnets of different diameter and thickness which have an adhesive backed layer on one pole. The adhesive layer is a 3M adhesive with a shielding backing strip-simply which can remove the shielding backing strip and press the adhesive backed Neodymium disc magnets onto the object you prefer to stick to.

You can place the adhesive layer on one magnetic pole. So a North described that tha adhesive backed NdFeB disc magnet has the magnetic North pole seen and the magnetic South pole has the adhesive backing. A South described that the adhesive backed Neodymium disc magnet has the magnetic South pole seen and the magnetic North pole has the adhesive backing.

Attract a ferromagnetic surface by using the adhesive backed neodymium magnets.

If you want to attract a ferromagnetic floor (such as moderate steel) by using the magnets, both kind of NdFeB adhesive backed disc magnets can be used (you should use all Souths or all Norths or even a mixture-it does not matter).

Sometimes, if the magnets are spaced aside near adequate to each other, you could think about the use of alternate Norths and Souths and this may additionally possibly supply a small enhance to performance (because the magnets engage is a fine way, attracting and pulling the fields around every other).

A North version of a Neodymium adhesive which backed disc magnet will have the identical performance as a same-sized South version of the NdFeB adhesive backed disc magnet.

According on the methods of the magnets to place relative to each other, the Neodymium magnets will attract or repel each other. For attraction you want to get a North pole face on one magnet directed to a South pole face on the other magnet (following the magnetic rule of in contrast to poles attract). If a North faces any other North or a South faces some other South you have just like these poles which ability repulsion. In some purposes the magnet is hidden (e.g. the magnet is stick to card which is then folded over to cover the magnet away which consequences in the magnet pole being grew to become over as well). So understanding how you favor the magnets setting in the closing meeting could have an effect on the polarity you want for your magnets.

With the printing, Such NdFeB adhesive backed disc magnets are very famous now, packaging and arts and crafts industries are also used for use in the office and at home. The NdFeB adhesive backed disc magnets are axially magnetised (the thickness of the disc is the distance from the North to the South round pole faces, and the magnet is magnetised along the central axis).
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