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PVC magnetic button can completely replace the traditional button to be used for fashion clothes

pvc magnetic button
The magnetic button sealed in soft PVC is called as PVC magnetic button.PVC magnetic button mainly used for kinds of clothes and boxes.With the PVC coated,the magnetic button is waterproof,and will not be rust and oxidize for long-term use.Does not affect the appearance and use effect of clothes.The positive and negative poles of waterproof clothing magnetic button are  used together, easy to use, hidden in the clothes, no traditional buttons can be seen on the surface of the clothes.This PVC magnetic button can completely replace the traditional button, making the clothes more elegant and fashionable.
Advantages of PVC magnetic button: The sealant is transparent PVC soft glue, which can be directly sewn with silk thread. It is simple, convenient, firm and durable, and can not be demagnetized.
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