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Precautions In Using Neodymium Tube Magnets

Ⅰ. Pay attention to the use of neodymium tube magnets

When neodymium tube magnets use different magnetization methods and different magnetic strengths, pay attention to the method of use. Although it is a powerful magnet, it is also very brittle, so it is better to be careful.

Ⅱ. Matters needing attention in all aspects of neodymium tube magnet

1. Part

Neodymium tube magnets cannot be directly parted during the thickness magnetization process, because it is hard and brittle. Don't part them directly when using relatively brittle magnets.

2. Push away

The thickness-magnetized neodymium tube magnets should be pushed apart.

Normally, larger size magnets should be handled by neodymium bar magnets manufacturers as much as possible. Under normal circumstances, environmentally friendly paper is used to separate the magnets. This is to avoid wasting time and effort during use, and it is also easy to hurt people.

3. Placement method

If it is a pair of magnetized neodymium tube magnets, they must be placed in pairs and be careful when placing them. Don't let it lose its magnetism. Once it loses its magnetism, it can no longer be used, and it must be replaced at this time.

4. Avoid collisions

During use, please pay attention to the fact that the material of neodymium tube magnets is relatively brittle, so be especially careful during use to avoid collisions. Once accidentally dropped on the ground, it is easy to be broken or blistered, and it can no longer be used.

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Precautions In Using Neodymium Tube Magnets
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