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Application and Characteristics of Magnetic Rod

Magnetic Rod is mainly used for iron pins in raw materials, filtering various fine powders and liquids, iron impurities in semi-liquid and other magnetic materials. It is widely used in the chemical industry, food, waste recycling, carbon black and other fields.

The magnetic Rod specification product is refined through five processes. The magnetic Rod consists of an internal core and an external cladding. The magnetic core consists of a cylindrical magnet block and a magnetic conducting sheet. Magnetic Rod is fully equipped with stainless steel protective sleeve, which effectively protects magnetic Rod from damage. Iron discharging is convenient and fast; magnetic Rod is pulled and the ferromagnetic material adsorbed on Magnetic Rod is automatically separated and dropped. Continuous work; the raw material can continue to work without suspension of feeding when the iron discharged layer by layer.

A good magnetic Rod should make the magnetic induction line spatially uniform, and the maximum magnetic induction point distribution should be filled with the whole magnetic Rod as far as possible, because it is generally placed in the mobile product transmission line, the magnetic Rod surface should be smooth and low resistance, without harmful substances to the environment, to avoid pollutants and the environment.

The working environment of magnetic Rod determines that it must have certain corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance, and in some cases, it needs strong magnetic induction. Different magnetic induction intensity can be obtained by using different thickness of the magnetic conductive sheet. Choosing different magnets can determine the maximum magnetic induction strength and temperature resistance of magnetic Rod.
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