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Anti-Jamming Element Magnetic Ring

Magnetic ring is a ring-shaped magnet. Magnetic ring is a common anti-interference component in electronic circuits, which has a good suppression effect on high-frequency noise.

Magnetic rings are commonly used anti-interference components in electronic circuits, which have a good suppression effect on high frequency noise. They are usually made of ferrite materials (Mn-Zn). Magnetic rings have different impedance characteristics at different frequencies. Generally, the impedance is very small at low frequencies. When the signal frequency increases, the impedance of magnetic rings increases sharply. The higher the signal frequency, the easier it is to radiate (to buy a high-quality computer cabinet is also to reduce electromagnetic leakage), and the general signal lines are not shielded layer, then these signal lines become a good antenna, receiving various cluttered high-frequency signals in the surrounding environment, and these signals are superimposed on the original transmission of the signal. On the other hand, it may even change the useful signals transmitted in the original way. Then under the action of magnetic ring, the normal useful signal can pass well, and the high frequency interference signal can be well suppressed, and the cost is low.

The appearance of magnetic ring can be inspected by visual method under normal illumination conditions.
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