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Advantages And Applications Of Magnetic Sweeper

In daily life, to ensure that our living environment is clean and clean, we need to clean frequently. Sweeping is an indispensable tool in the process of cleaning and cleaning. It can clean up the larger particles of garbage, but for some small dust or metal in the corner, it can not be well removed and become hygienic. Dead corner.

Magnetic sweeper is a kind of magnetic sweeper, which is a daily cleaning tool, especially a broom used in the process of garbage cleaning. The utility model consists of a handle, a brush head, and a magnet wire. The upper end of the brush head is fixed and connected with a handle, and at least 50 magnet wires are scattered inside the brush hair of the vice head. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and practicability and can clean up or classify metals or even fine metals by adsorption.

Magnetic sweeper can also be used in factory workshops, foundries, mechanical processing plants, hardware tool factories, transformer manufacturing large parking lots, construction site cleaning, scrap iron acquisition stations, and other industries. The use of efficient absorption scattered in the work site of small iron pieces, screw, crushed iron powder and another effective guarantee of clean work, recycling of raw materials, clean up the worksite;

1. Magnetic sweeper can maintain high field strength for a long time and can be used for a long time.
2. Magnetic sweeper is simple in structure, convenient in use and fast in operation.
3. The magnetic sweeper magnetic field is directly opposite to the ground, forming a strong magnetic field.
4. Magnetic sweeper internal active magnetic system, the handle is ergonomically designed, through the adjustment of the handle, the material can be easily and quickly removed.
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Advantages And Applications Of Magnetic Sweeper