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Don't Be Careless About the Wholesale of Square Magnets!

The square magnet is one of the more conventional shapes of magnets. It is also widely used. At present, the most commonly used on the market are ferrite block magnets and rectangle ndfeb magnets for sale. They can also be processed into irregular magnets, such as corner cutting and slotting.

Don't be careless when purchasing rectangle ndfeb magnets for sale. It's necessary to find out the magnetizing direction you want.

There are many ways to magnetize a square magnet, which are different from that of a disc magnet. When purchasing rectangle ndfeb magnets for sale, if you are not sure, it is better to check with your company colleagues to see which side is used. Because once you say something wrong or express it wrong, the magnet will be scrapped, which will cause your product may not to meet expectations or be unusable at all, resulting in immeasurable losses.

There are three ways to magnetize a rectangle ndfeb magnets for sale. They are thickness magnetization, that is, the upper and lower two large surfaces are strong magnetic surfaces; side magnetization, that is, the left and right sides have strong magnetic force; end magnetization, that is, the area of the length two ends has a strong magnetic force.

Generally, our customer service will ask you about its magnetization direction (this is a required question). Please don't think it is troublesome, we are looking forward to giving you a good experience and avoid making the wrong goods.

NingBo BeiLun Meank Magnetics Co.,ltd. is a physical magnet processing factory with more than 10 years of experience in the magnet industry. We have always been committed to the pursuit of higher quality and better service. Welcome customers who need customized wholesale magnets to consult and visit the factory!

Do not be careless about the wholesale of square magnets, the consequences of wrong magnetizing direction are very serious. Welcome to contact NingBo BeiLun Meank Magnetics Co.,ltd. to purchase magnets!

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